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Hand Pallet Truck Maintenance Tips

What are some hand pallet truck maintenance tips?

  1. Schedule daily and periodic maintenance
  2. Check the fork for wear
  3. Check the hydraulic parts
  4. Lubricate the pallet truck regularly
  5. Recharge the batteries
  6. Follow the load capacity of the pallet truck
  7. Use the hand pallet truck in the right surroundings

A hand pallet truck allows you to load and unload pallets effortlessly, which can save energy and reduce labor. Because of the small size, you can maneuver through small spaces, turn on tight corners, and store it nearby for easy access. This is why it’s found in factories, stockrooms, warehouses, supermarkets, cold rooms, loading docks, and the back of trucks. But just like forklifts, they also require care. Keep on reading for some hand pallet truck maintenance tips.


Schedule Daily and Periodic Maintenance

A hand pallet truck requires simple maintenance. Check it daily before each shift so you can spot any problems in advance before they worsen. During a pre-shift inspection, observe for any loose, leaking, damaged, and broken components. It’s recommended to have them replaced before operation. Ask your equipment supplier if they provide spare parts and repair services.

Other than daily inspection, you also need to schedule periodic maintenance. Consult your manual on when to do this. Your supplier might offer preventive maintenance services, so talk to them so a professional mechanic can help you.


Check The Fork for Wear

One of the things that could wear with consistent use is the forks of your hand pallet truck. These are the flat metal that you insert in the pallet during operation. It’s advisable to keep an eye on them as this can cause problems over time.

When checking the forks, look for paint chipping. This will give you an idea of the area that is mostly exposed to pressure. Check for signs of structural damage such as bending and bulking. If you see these, report them to a supervisor immediately for fixing. One way to avoid fork damage is to lower the forks properly before loading the pallets. Another tip is to avoid overloading the equipment.


Check The Hydraulic Parts

Check The Hydraulic Parts

A hand pallet truck has a hydraulic pump to lift and lower the load. Just like the other components, it also requires constant care and maintenance to ensure that the equipment works as it should. During your daily inspection, check the hydraulic system for damage and leakage. You might have trouble lifting the load if the pump has air trapped inside it. When this happens, pump the lever 10 times to displace the air.

During the periodic maintenance, it’s also recommended to check the hydraulic oil level too. This can easily be done by unscrewing the oil filler plug on the equipment. If topping off the oil, use the right product recommended by the manufacturer.


Lubricate The Pallet Truck Regularly

To work properly, your hand pallet truck must be well-oiled. This allows the bearings and fittings to function smoothly during operation. Otherwise, you could end up with malfunctioning parts that need to be fixed or replaced. Without lube, these could also rust or corrode. Inspect these components regularly as they can get de-lubricated over time or when you’re working in wet environments.

Use the proper lubricating product recommended by the manufacturer on the fittings and bearings. Something too thick can lead to clogging instead. Remember to apply the lube again after cleaning these parts.


Recharge The Batteries

Recharge The Batteries

If you’re using electric hand pallet trucks, you need to charge the battery first before operation. Make sure that it’s fully powered to prevent downtime during the next shift.

To do this, you must turn off the machine while charging. Prohibit smoking, open flame, and flammable materials in the surroundings when recharging the batteries. You can also prepare spare batteries on hand to maintain productivity.


Follow The Load Capacity of the Pallet Truck

Overloading the hand pallet truck can shorten its lifespan significantly. It could damage the components and lead to unexpected costs. Other than that, extremely high loads can cause the equipment to become unstable and turn over, which can lead to damage of goods and injury to the workers. It’s also not practical as the equipment can be hard to operate with heavy loads.

Check the technical datasheet on your operator’s manual for the rated capacity of the hand pallet truck.


Use The Hand Pallet Truck in The Right Surroundings

The wheels are an important part of the hand pallet truck. Although it might eventually need to be replaced, being mindful during your operation can lengthen its lifespan. For example, be alert for humps or curbs along the pathway. If you see these, find another route to avoid damaging the wheels.

Other than that, it’s also recommended to clean the wheels often as dirt and debris can get stuck in them, causing quick wear. Inspect them often as damaged wheels can cause you to overexert your body just to move it across the room.


Key Takeaway

By following these hand pallet truck maintenance tips, you can prolong the lifespan of your equipment and its components. This will allow you to enjoy the efficiency it brings while lowering your repair and replacement costs.

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