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Benefits of Hand Pallet Truck for Projects in Cebu

What are the benefits of using a hand pallet truck in Cebu?

  1. Hand pallet trucks are time and cost saving
  2. Hand pallet trucks are efficient to use
  3. Hand Pallet Trucks are Versatile and Easy to Use
  4. Hand pallet trucks reduce employee injury
  5. Hand pallet trucks can transport any kind of heavy material

There are plenty of types of equipment designed to help you in the smooth running of your project in Cebu — one of the busiest cities in the country with booming projects in infrastructure, manufacturing, and tourism every year.

However, it can be a little challenging to know exactly what equipment is needed to be able to lift, move, or store boxes and goods safely. A hand pallet truck is always on the go to help your team operate safely. Below, we highlight the great benefits of using a hand pallet truck in Cebu.

Hand Pallet Trucks are Time and Cost Saving

Hand pallet trucks can easily maneuver heavy loads in warehouses, distribution areas, and even in parking lots.

There are two types of pallet trucks: manual pallet trucks (which is self-explanatory) and electric pallet trucks with a powered-lift mechanism and with ride-on capabilities, too. Both of them experience less downtime since they do not require fuel to run. This allows projects to save up more time and money.

You can now experience hassle-free project operations in Cebu that save you time and money instead of hiring manpower to lift the objects or materials with their bare hands, which could lead to injury.

Hand Pallet Trucks are Efficient to Use

Hand Pallet Trucks are Efficient to Use

Since this piece of equipment can transport loads with various weights, operators will notice an increase in productivity levels. This directly translates to efficient operations since using this pallet jack saves time when they load and unload materials.

On top of that, your team can use this equipment instead of handling every material by themselves, saving them more energy and reducing fatigue. This way, it gives them the ability to focus on different tasks that require physical solutions.

Hand Pallet Trucks are Versatile and Easy to Use

Think of a pallet truck as a miniature version of a forklift. Just like forklifts, they can also maneuver around very tight spaces and corners easier than other vehicles. This comes hand in many warehouses whether it be for storage or cargo.

Here at Multico, we offer our customers Bishamon pallet trucks that are incredibly easy to use and maneuver. The models we carry feature a two-piece thrust bearing on their handle. This reduces the friction between moving parts, making it easy to move around.

We carry the BMS series that can carry a capacity of 2,500 – 3,000 kg, making it ideal for many industries.

Hand Pallet Trucks Reduce Employee Injury

Hand Pallet Trucks Reduce Employee Injury

There are always risks when doing heavy lifting manually. When not done properly, it can lead to serious injury. That’s why using pallet jacks and trucks reduces risks and injuries since the vehicle does a lot of the heavy lifting for you.

Since pallet trucks are often built with a powerful electric machine, your workers can experience lifting or transporting heavy materials at ease with just a touch of a button.

However, there are still many safety precautions that operators need to take note of while operating the trucks. Here are some of them:

  • Avoid moving loads on-ramps to prevent load tipping
  • Do not allow operators to ride on pallet jacks to avoid potential injury
  • Don’t overload the pallet truck
  • Operate these vehicles at a controllable speed

Hand Pallet Trucks can Transport Any Kind of Heavy Material

Last but not the least, pallet trucks are smaller in size compared to forklifts, which means they can move around tight spaces better. However, these pallet jacks still come in a variety of designs ad models, making them ideal for many projects in Cebu. All you need to do is to find the right model that fits your project’s needs.

Here at Multico, we carry three different models for our Bishmon BMS Series. They differ depending on the load you’ll need to carry. These are recommended for use, especially in the food and chemical industries.

Key Takeaway

Hand Pallet Trucks are great pieces of equipment, and they might be what you need if you have a project that requires heavy lifting, transporting, and storing of materials or goods. Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact Multico Prime Power, Inc.

We offer a wide range of hand pallet trucks in Cebu with a friendly price tag. Our pallet trucks have the long-lasting performance you need to improve your productivity.

For more information on other types of must-have lifting machinery or equipment and how to take advantage of their uses, you may check out our blog.

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