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4 Qualities of a Great Operator of Forklifts in the Philippines

What are the qualities of a great forklift operator in the Philippines?

  1. Experience and technical knowledge
  2. Commitment and awareness to safety
  3. Attention to detail
  4. Healthy and physically fit


Great forklift operators are not easy to come by. A person who wants to be a forklift operator needs to have a particular personality and skill set to succeed.

If you are looking to operate a wheel loader or forklift in the Philippines, you might be considering several candidates for the job. While experience and skills are necessary, there are other characteristics you need to have to be an efficient forklift driver.

Here are some of the qualities of a great forklift operator in the Philippines.


Experience and Technical Knowledge

Experience and Technical Knowledge

You need time and effort to learn how to drive a forklift—and even more so to excel in it.

Driving a forklift is not like driving a car. There are many components that an excellent operator needs to have a working knowledge of.

It is also essential to know the lifting capacity of a forklift, as well as the wisdom to not exceed this capacity. Forklifts also have a different basic maintenance routine. Understanding every aspect of this, needless to say, can help improve safety and efficiency.

An efficient forklift operator should also know the flow of the warehouse or factory operations like the back of their hand. They should be acclimated to working in an industrial environment.

Forklift operators who started out unpacking unloaded pallets and preparing pallets for other forklift drivers usually display this kind of knowledge.


Commitment and Awareness to Safety

The warehouse, agricultural, and manufacturing industry can be fast-paced, which means that there is no shortage of risk and there is very little room for error.

Safety should be the top priority of your forklift operator especially since they will be in charge of operating heavy machinery. A reckless driver can not only be a liability to the operations of your business, but can also injure, hurt, or even kill their fellow workers.

While the commitment to safety is not something you would easily find on your potential forklift operator’s resume, it can be verified with a few reference checks. Do not hesitate to contact a candidate’s previous employer to know if they are a responsible operator behind the wheel.


Attention to Detail

Attention to Detail

Forklift operators have to be particular about their surroundings to avoid damage to the warehouse or fellow co-workers. Someone who does not pay attention to what they are doing is a poor candidate for a forklift operator. Common sense and logical thinking are valuable traits to have when working under pressure.

Operators should be able to know when their equipment may not be functioning at 100% and should be able to repair it if the need arises. Daily checks are also important to know immediately if something is wrong—this can help ensure operations can go smoothly and successfully.


Healthy and Physically Fit

While this does not necessarily mean that they should be able to run a marathon, a good forklift operator should be able healthy enough to perform basic movements like climbing in and out of the forklift. They should not be uncomfortable or get exhausted easily because they need to make it through a day of strenuous activity.

Physical fitness can also mean having excellent hand-eye coordination needed to maneuver the forklift into tight spots and tricky places. Good eyesight and depth-perception are important when using the forklift to place objects on shelves, trailers, and vehicles.


Key Takeaway

Operating a forklift is not a job for everyone. It requires a person with certain traits and excellent skills just to qualify as one—and much experience and training to be the best. Make sure that the operator of wheel loaders and forklifts in the Philippines you are looking for has some of these qualities to avoid mishap in your warehouse or factory.

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