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CLARK GTS Series of Forklift in the Philippines

Why are the advantages of forklifts from CLARK GTS range?

  • They’re low-cost.
  • They offer maximum reliability.
  • They feature the latest design and ergonomics.
  • They promote unparalleled safety.


In the Philippines, forklifts and other heavy equipment (such as vibro compactors) are extremely vital for construction and engineering projects. They make the tasks infinitely easier for humans, and they also allow them to work more efficiently.

And when it comes to forklifts, there’s one brand that has managed to make a name for itself because of its quality and innovations—that is, the CLARK Forklifts.

This company constantly modernizes and develops their machines, based on what their customers needs.  And now, they’re back with something new—the CLARK GTS Series!

Read on below to find out more about it!

A Genuine Forklift Built to Last

A Genuine Forklift Built to Last

The CLARK GTS range offers all the latest design and ergonomics, as well as an industrial wet disc brake system that drives down your rental costs, reduces machine maintenance downtime, and lowers operator fatigue.

The CLARK GTS Series impresses with solid construction and high-quality components, coupled with advanced technology and topnotch design.

The series is ideal for packing containers, shifting pallets, and any other material handling applications!  Its 3-stage mast allows you to move pallets into and out of shipping containers.

Its powerful diesel and LPG engine have capacities ranging from 2 to 3.3 tons; these offer the power and performance that help in making lifting more seamless.

On the other hand, its wet disc brake makes shuttling easier and reduces wear.

Safety Features

Safety Features

Listed below are some of the safety features that this range boasts.

  • Neutral Start. If the gear lever is not positioned in neutral, the engine will not start.
  • Tilt Lock Valve. Prevents the accidental forward tilting of the mast while the engine is switched off.
  • Gas Springs with Automatic Lock. Prevents accidental closure of hood.
  • Safety Valve. Prevents accidental uncontrolled mast lowering in the event of oil pressure hose damage.
  • Forward and reverse travel is not possible while the parking brake is engaged.

A Reputable and Reliable Brand

A Reputable and Reliable Brand

With more than one million forklifts built, CLARK is among the world’s leaders in the industrial trucks sector.

For the past ten decades, CLARK has been one of the industry’s most progressive and responsive manufacturers, continuously seeking innovative ways to improve its products, to expand its service, and to provide excellence to its customers.


Key Takeaway

In the Philippines, forklifts and vibro compactors are essential for different construction projects. These equipment allow humans to work more quickly and more efficiently.

These types of machinery continue to adapt to the technological advancements and the changing needs of society. And one brand that is notable for constantly taking into consideration the needs of its consumers is the CLARK Forklifts.

Never to be left behind by the times, this company has come up with yet another innovation—that is, the CLARK GTS Series!

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