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Forklift Maintenance Services In Visayas

What do you need to know about forklift maintenance services in Visayas?

  1. Keep up with Scheduled PMS for your forklift
  2. Create a maintenance plan
  3. Find reliable and experienced technicians
  4. Only use high-quality spare parts for your forklift
  5. Choose reliable maintenance service providers

doA forklift is one of the most important pieces of equipment for warehouses, logistic facilities, shipyards, and construction sites. It can lessen the labor for workers while ensuring that all goods are properly moved according to schedule. When one breaks down, your entire site’s productivity will be affected. That’s why you need to know more about forklift maintenance services in Visayas. Keep on reading to learn more!


Keep Up With Scheduled PMS For Your Forklift

Keep Up With Scheduled PMS For Your Forklift

When it comes to maintaining your forklift, you’d want to be proactive instead of reactive. Although it might seem costly at first glance, taking care of your equipment will help you avoid expensive repairs and downtime on your site. No matter how tough and reliable your forklift is, it will eventually break down without proper maintenance. 

On the other hand, regularly maintaining your forklift has plenty of benefits. This includes longer service life, more uptime, money savings, and better safety for your operators and your work site. 

Forklift parts that need regular maintenance include the following:

  • fuel and emission systems
  • transmissions
  • diesel engines
  • power systems
  • hydraulics
  • Brakes

Forklift scheduled preventive maintenance services (PMS) in Visayas may include services such as a professional inspection, lubrication, oil change, routine adjustments, and monitoring. The services are intended to prevent equipment breakdown. 


Create A Maintenance Plan 

If you want to know the best way to take care of your forklift, you can always refer to your manufacturer’s manual. There, you will find recommendations for service intervals. To create a forklift maintenance schedule, you will need to consider many things — such as the age, record of service, safety requirements, existing issues, fuel type, and operating environment. 

The best time to conduct maintenance services is during off-peak hours. Arrange this with your chosen service provider to get the most out of your forklift during operating hours. List down which tasks you will perform in-house and which ones you want to outsource.

To create the best maintenance plan, you can reach out to a professional technician.


Find Reliable And Experienced Technicians

Find Reliable And Experienced Technicians

A forklift is essential for your worksite, so you should take great care in choosing who performs the maintenance and repair services. When something goes wrong, you might end up spending more. While there are plenty of mechanics and technicians in Visayas, not all of them are well-versed in all kinds of forklifts!

The components of a forklift require specialized skills, so it’s best if you leave them to a professional. Service technicians go through hundreds of hours of training to keep up with advancements in technology in forklifts, so they can assist their clients best. Some even specialize in a certain brand of forklifts too. 

Remember, the maintenance or repair service performed is only good if the technician is trained and experienced in doing it.


Only Use High-Quality Spare Parts For Your Forklift

Only Use High-Quality Spare Parts For Your Forklift

Aside from labor, you should also factor in the spare parts that will be used for the maintenance services for your forklift. Make sure that you’re using high-quality spare parts that are compatible with your forklift to ensure proper performance and safety.

If you’re looking for the same performance and safety that you’re used to when using the forklift, it’s best to opt for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. These parts are the same parts that come originally in your forklift when you first bought them, so you can expect them to be compatible. 

Aside from that, look for a spare parts supplier that always has available stocks on hand or can ship them in a short time to Visayas. 

Choose Reliable Maintenance Service Providers

If you’re looking for a maintenance service provider for your forklifts in Visayas, make sure to choose companies with a background in servicing material handling equipment. You don’t have to look far because Multico can help you!

Aside from providing tough and powerful Clark forklifts, Multico also dedicates itself to providing excellent after-sales services:

  • Scheduled PMS
  • Forklift repairs
  • Forklift attachment installation and modification
  • OEM parts replacement and installation

With a team of technicians specifically trained and experienced in servicing and repairing Clark forklifts, you can rest assured that your material handling equipment is getting the treatment it needs to operate in peak condition at your site!


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for forklift maintenance services in Visayas, you can contact us here at Multico! As the home of the ‘built-to-last’ Clark forklifts, we know how to maintain and keep them in top condition, too. Our skilled technicians can provide preventative maintenance services, repairs, attachment installation, and other services to your forklifts, so you can maintain uptime on your site.

Aside from forklifts, you might also want to consider adding our Bishamon hand pallet trucks to your material handling equipment on site. You can send us a message if you’re interested in our products and services, so we can help you. 

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