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Forklift Attachments Used When Handling Different Kinds of Materials

What are the different types of forklift attachments?

  1. Forklift positioner
  2. Self-dumping hopper
  3. Pallet handler
  4. Side shifters
  5. Paper roll clamp
  6. Carton clamp
  7. Carpet pole


There are many different kinds of forklift attachments for material handling. Each of these attachments make the job of transporting a range of objects from one location to another. The forklift has undoubtedly been one of the most important and widely-used machines for many industries. Whether you’re buying or renting this type of equipment, you need to make sure that you have the right attachments on hand. This ensures that you’re able to maximize the use of the forklift. More than that, you’re also avoiding potential instances of overusing the machine or incorrectly using them for unintended functions. Read on to learn more.


Forklift positioner

Forklift positioner

A forklift positioner is a highly-versatile attachment that is powered through a hydraulic function. These are mostly found in warehouses, food processing facilities, pharmaceuticals, or distribution centers.

Like any other attachment that you’ll encounter on the list, a positioner can greatly ease the burden on the machine operator. They would be able to conveniently adjust the distance of the forks according to the size or dimensions of the load. This greatly reduces the time that it takes to load and unload objects like pallets, thereby improving the overall productivity of a facility.


Self-dumping hopper

Self-dumping hoppers are another type of attachments that you might not typically find across forklift machines, but they do have an important use. They appear similar to what you may find across construction site machinery, particularly in unloading large volumes of debris or soil.

With this in mind, self-dumping hoppers need to be durable enough to handle different types of materials. An operator needs to merely release the hopper with the help of a release system that’s already integrated into the forklift cab’s control panel. These attachments may also come with other additions like wheels and covers in order to further accommodate a wider range of materials.


Pallet handler

As the name suggests, pallet handlers are mainly used in the transport of pallets. These can be typically found across storage warehouses and may be made of plastic, plywood, or wood.

Pallet handlers can either be single-load or double load. They can easily be mounted and removed from the forklift, in cases wherein only either one of the two may be used. As such, double pallet handlers are more ergonomic for carrying two pallets at a time. The stability that this attachment offers ensures that the pallet is secured to the attachment even when navigating long distances.


Side shifters

Side shifters

Side shifters come with a sliding function for the forklift, that enables machine operators to not only unload and unload objects but also to conveniently position them in place. This means that only minimal movement is required in order to maneuver the forklift.

The operator doesn’t have to make many twists and turns on the forklift just to simply arrange a particular load into its respective storage. With this feature, operators could also reduce the level of wear on tear on the vehicle, because they don’t have to take a much longer time before getting the right entry position. Food facilities, for example, would be able to greatly improve their efficiency as well as space utilization.


Paper roll clamp

Unlike the attachments that you’ve encountered on this list, paper roll clamps have a far more specific use. They appear curved in shape, which allows them to accommodate industrial paper rolls of different diameters. These machines may be found in printing presses, or paper manufacturing facilities.

These clamps offer a 360-degree function that can help to stack paper rolls atop one another in an easier fashion. If you’re looking for a paper roll clamp, you need to make sure that it has a large capacity to secure the object in place.


Carton clamp

This attachment is for those industries that are dealing with bulky materials that don’t necessarily include a forklift (i.e. appliance manufacturers or the food and beverage industries).

Though carton clamps may also be used in transporting industrial rolls, they’re suitable for objects that have regular sizes and contain minimal-to-no gaps in their shape. In using a carton clamp, you need to make sure that the load can withstand the clamp’s pressure without getting crushed or deformed in the load-carrying process.


Carpet pole

Carpet pole

Carpet poles are simply poles that can be attached to forklifts and are mainly utilized in handling carpets or rugs. These attachments do well in minimizing the amount of manual labor that is exerted in carpet production facilities.

Not using the right type of equipment can easily lead to inconvenient situations that may unspool the carpet that’s being carried. Fortunately, this forklift pole attachment works as a remedy to this situation. Carpet poles can also come in different diameters or surface finishes to greatly improve the traction on the carpet material. They also help to promote a safer working environment by securing the materials in place.


Key Takeaway

Some of the forklift attachments for material handling that you’ve encountered on this list include side shifters, self-dumping hoppers, pallet handlers, and the like. Each attachment has specific uses. Knowing this, it’s important for operators to stick to manufacturer-recommended guidelines in order to maintain the functioning of the attachments. Doing this will help any facility improve efficiency in many types of operations.

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