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The Very First Rubble Master RM120X Mobile Crusher and MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen Arrive in the Philippines

Rubble Master is a trusted company that focuses on mobile material processing and on-site recycling. It has provided numerous industries with equipment that are user-friendly, safe, efficient, and versatile. With that said, Multico welcomes the very first Rubble Master RM120X Mobile Crusher and MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen in the Philippines. If you’re interested in knowing about their specifications and features, keep on reading!


Rubble Master RM120X Mobile Crusher

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Rubble Masters mobile crushers are known for their high performance and compact size. This equipment is used in a variety of industries such as construction, quarrying, recycling, demolition, mining, and more. Multico welcomes the very first Rubble Master RM120X Mobile Crusher to arrive in the Philippines.



What makes RM 120X special is because it’s featuring the newest RM NEXT Philosophy. This philosophy focuses on a number of points including simplicity, so customers can benefit from the equipment without complicated controls.

Although there is a list of additional features and equipment options available on the RM 120X, it’s still straightforward and user-friendly. Adjusting the settings is easy and fast, which means that operators can start work quickly. Other than that, the machine has a low mount engine design, which gives users easy access to the equipment. During service, there’s no need to climb on top of the machine.



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The RM Next Philosophy also makes the RM120X Mobile Crusher safer to use. For example, it features a new lighting concept that allows operators to receive instant feedback about the machine’s status, workload, and performance.

By looking at the LED Bars, the user will know if they’re operating at full capacity or a lower load. This way, they can adjust quickly without entering the danger zone and leaving the excavator cab—which makes crushing safer and more productive. All adjustments are done through remote control.



Because the RM120X is simple and safe to use, it makes the crushing work more efficient. More material can be processed due to its 30 percent increased capacity. By adding the hopper wings, the hopper volume can be increased by 25 percent.

Depending on the application, there are different equipment options and drive technology to make the job more efficient. The RM120X has a magnetic separator, which allows operators to process bulky materials that have a high metal content. The addition of the dust suppression system makes it suitable for use even in residential areas. Other than that, the crusher also has a larger diesel tank. These are only some of the features that make crushing work with the RM 120X more efficient.


MSC10500M 3D pic 2



Rubble Master MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen

A crusher and a screen can be paired to create a seamless material handling process in the mining, recycling, and aggregate processing industries. The screening equipment is necessary to separate raw materials from the crusher into finer grades. Multico can supply companies with one of the high-performance and versatile options from Rubble Master, the RM MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen.


Improved Performance

One of the most important parts of screening equipment is the screen box. The RM MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen utilizes a high-power screen box with a 6,700 x 1,525 mm screen surface and an angle of 20°- 30°. The adjustable inclination makes access easier when the screens need to be changed. Different settings are also available to optimize its capacity.

The RM MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen also has a fourth conveyor, which makes the material flow more efficient. Other than that, the discharge belts can be adjusted to different speeds, so operators can ensure proper material flow while prolonging the lifespan of the component.

Rubble Master also provides additional options for improved performance. Among these is the optional hopper door that can help control the material flow from the hopper to the main conveyor. Another example is the rinser option, which enables wet screening to increase the quality of the product.

Lastly, maintenance of the equipment is also more convenient because of the wider access engine compartment.


Wide Range of Uses

The Rubble Master MSC series has been developed for companies that needed to process massive amounts of high-grade aggregate material. This equipment can produce up to five grades of materials because of the addition of the 4th product conveyor.

RM MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen is applicable to various applications such as processing asphalt, sand, C&D waste, gravel, and more.


Key Takeaway

Rubble Master continues to develop high-performance mobile screening and crushing solutions for a wide range of uses.  If you’re interested in the very first Rubble Master RM120X Mobile Crusher and MSC10500M 3D Mobile Screen in the Philippines,  you can contact us here at Multico!

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