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A Feature on Rubble Master’s Crusher Equipment

What are the most notable features of Rubble Master’s crusher equipment?

  1. Amazing versatility
  2. User-friendly
  3. Outstanding mobility
  4. Immense raw power


For 28 years, Rubble Master has continually offered world-quality compact processing machines for a wide variety of applications. Rubble Master continues to be at the top of the line with their innovative products and professional services.

But of course, Rubble master is nothing without the heavy equipment that basically skyrocketed them to fame – their very own mobile crushers.

These compact-class mobile crushers have stood atop the world for their amazing features and capabilities that so far has not yet met their match. That being said, it’s only natural to explore why such a machine is considered one of the world’s best.


Amazing Versatility

Amazing Versatility

As the leading company when it comes to mobile crusher technology, Rubble Master has fully adapted their machines to be useful in almost every aspect you can think of.

One of the most notable ones includes the Rubble Master Crusher, which has been designed to be fully self-contained machines. But what really sets it apart is the option to use it for recycling rubble. On its own, (and with a little bit of handiwork), the Crusher is more than capable to be used in waste segregation applications.

This makes sure that the crusher doesn’t needlessly destroy everything put into it. Rather, it helps a lot in making sure that each of its uses results in a good amount of raw material even when you use it for demolition waste.



You don’t have to be overwhelmed by this large machine because technically, you only need one person to operate it. You no longer have to form a team dedicated to making sure that your crusher is functioning optimally because everything can be done by a single individual.

All of this is thanks to the RM GO! Principle. It makes use of the minimum amount of labor force to function at its maximum capacity. All your operator has to do is to attend a few short training sessions and they’ll be more than capable of operating it all by themselves.

Another very important and practical thing to take note of is the fact that all maintenance processes are accessible from ground level. No climbing is needed, no turning over or lifting of the crusher will need to happen. Everything can be done while the crusher is at its standard position.

From operation to maintenance, the Rubble Master Crusher is created to be as simple as possible for the benefit of those who will operate.


Outstanding Mobility

Outstanding Mobility

Whether you’ll be using the crusher at a quarry near the mountainside or in a demolition site at the center of the city, you won’t have to worry about transportation because Rubble Master’s Crushers are one of the easiest pieces of heavy equipment to transport! It may be bulky, but it is most certainly not a hassle to bring around even the roughest of roads. But you do have to be careful of tight paths.

You should also take note of one of its signature features, and that is crushing while moving at the same time, all with the help of a remote control. This means a single operator can do two heavy-duty tasks at the same time.

For example, you can remotely operate a crusher from a fairly safe distance or in another machine’s cab while you focus on something else. Afterward, you might as well move it to another location and start crushing there.

As an added benefit, Rubble Master’s Crushers are definitely one of the most silent machines out there. It can easily be used in urban areas and cause little to no stir because of the noise that it makes.


Immense Raw Power

You can’t talk about Rubble Master without talking about its strength. With all of the technology that has been put into Rubble Master brand equipment, they have become machines that maximize performance with minimum fuel requirement.

This means these crushers are stronger, last longer, need less fuel, provide higher performance, need less maintenance, and costs less for service costs!

Seeing a crusher in action is a sight to behold, especially since its main function is to straight up disintegrate rubble or any other pieces of material. It’s a magnificent testament to the pure strength and raw power that such machines have.


Key Takeaway

There’s no denying the overall rating of Rubble Master Crushers. These types of heavy equipment are more or less the epitome of strong, powerful, and innovative machines. They are way ahead of their game, oftentimes instigating change and progress with the technology that they release.

With that being said, there’s still nothing like the Rubble Master’s Crushers. These compact class machines are not only extremely versatile and user-friendly but also cost-efficient, powerful and eco-friendly!

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