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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying Crushing Equipment

What are some factors you need to consider before buying crushing equipment?

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Type of stone material
  4. Mobility
  5. Quality


There are a lot of factors to consider before buying crushing equipment. These include the cost of the machine, its features, type of stone material it can crush, the mobility of the equipment, its purpose, crusher size, and the quality. You’ll need to make sure that the equipment that you’re purchasing can meet all your crushing needs, which is why you need to take some time before choosing one. Buying the wrong kind of machine is not really practical, as it can lead you to experience cost blowouts and inefficiency, especially during the crushing process. Continue reading to learn more.



The cost of the equipment is one important consideration when it comes to buying mobile crushers. You need to make sure that you have an estimated figure in mind so that you can anticipate how much money and financial resources you’ll have to save up.

If you’re managing a construction contractor company, or you’re simply looking to buy crushing equipment for small-scale purposes, try to make sure that you don’t spend too much or too little.

Although the price range across different types of heavy equipment may vary, Multico can supply you with different Rubble Master crushers that are affordable, efficient, and can give you the best value-for-money when it comes to all kinds of aggregate work.




The features of your crushing equipment are also crucial in choosing the best kind of machine. While you may be able to find a cheap aggregate crusher, it may not necessarily have special features that can make the job more convenient. Likewise, you might also end up spending more if you buy a crusher that has very few features because you’ll end up buying standalone equipment that can be expensive.

Multico’s line of Rubble Master crushers — particularly, the 7OGO! 2.0 — is equipped with several features. Even though the machine is intensive in its process, it’s surprisingly compact, weighing at just 19,000 kgs, or 19 tonnes, making it one of the most lightweight mobile crushers in the market. More than that, the machine also has screening and return-feed attachment capabilities and crushing hammers that can process up to 150 tonnes per hour of raw materials.

Despite the high-performance features of this crushing equipment, it produces a low level of emissions at a low diesel-burning rate. This is another feature to take into mind, especially when you’re concerned about the eco-friendliness of the machine.


Type of Stone Material

The kind of stone or aggregate material that your crushing equipment can process, screen, and recycle is also crucial. This is to ensure that the components of the crushing machine can still function after prolonged usage in crushing different types of materials.

The type of hammers used in your crushing equipment can affect how efficient it’s able to process aggregates such as construction and demolition waste, natural stone, basalt, granite, limestone, marble, sandstone, concrete, asphalt, and the like. For example, some hammers are durable enough to crush all kinds of aggregates, while some are only suitable for asphalt, or natural stone.

To get an idea of how well the components work, it may be useful to examine the instruction manual of the equipment. This may help you determine if the crusher is suitable for processing fine particles of the aggregate.




If you need a crusher only for small-scale work, then small materials and tools like a sledgehammer or a pry bar may already work. However, if the crushing job needs to be done in larger-scale operations — such as in road asphalting, quarrying, and mining, you need to ensure that the machine has a high level of mobility. This means that it can easily traverse and navigate different kinds of environments without topping over.

For this aspect, the skill of the machine operator, the quality of the machine, as well as, the kind of environment are all critical factors. There is some crushing equipment that may be suitable for those who have experience in crushing different materials, but there are also crushers that are friendly to newcomers.

Typically, mobile crushers like the RM 7OGO! 2.0 supplied by Multico, are equipped with construction site and industrial site-grade track pads and track trains in the undercarriage, which gives the machine a high level of traction. This means that the operator won’t have difficulty in maneuvering the machine over sloped surfaces or surfaces that are coarser in texture.



Finally, you should always see to it that any crushing equipment that you purchase is of high-quality. This can give you a number of positive outcomes, especially on the machine’s efficiency, capabilities, and level of maintenance.

High-quality crushing machines are cost-efficient because they’re durable and sturdy enough to conduct simultaneous screening and crushing processes all at once. This means that once you buy them, it’ll be a long time before there is a need for any repairs, maintenance, or replacement of the machine’s components.

It’s possible that a primary investment in a mobile crusher can be expensive in the short term, but the long term benefits are certainly undeniable. For example, a sturdy and high-performing Rubble Master mobile crusher can last for many years. It’s versatile, compact, and efficient — buying a crusher of this caliber might just be one of the best decisions you’ll make.


Key Takeaway

As you’ve learned, some factors to consider before buying crushing equipment include the type of aggregate it can process, the cost of equipment, quality, mobility, and its built-in features. All of these aspects play an important role in how well you’ll be able to take advantage of your crushing equipment.

In buying this type of machine, the best piece of advice that you should keep in mind is that you should buy from only reputable brands and suppliers like Multico. Click here to learn more about the Rubble Master crusher and other heavy equipment for all your aggregate-crushing requirements.

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