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Essential Equipment for Every Construction Company

What equipment should every construction company have?

  1. Bulldozers
  2. Wheel Loaders
  3. Forklifts
  4. Mobile Crushers
  5. Vibratory Rollers



A construction company is nothing without their equipment. It can be argued that the efficiency of the equipment they use is a large part of why contractors choose to work with them. With that being said, not all of the construction equipment serves the same function. In reality, there are some which are very fundamental, known to be the essentials of every construction company. Among the notable ones are bulldozers, dump trucks, and forklifts. In the Philippines, the most common types of equipment are versatile in their line of work.

The equipment that a construction company has in their arsenal is very important. It will dictate how far they can reach. All in all, there are many kinds of machines that have their own specific uses such as mobile crushers and excavators. In the Philippines, having all of them is a great advantage—but for a small company, you can start with only the most vital. With that being said, here are the most essential equipment that every construction company should possess!




A staple in any construction project that works with the land, this heavy equipment is famous for being one of the strongest and most reliable machines in the industry. It’s structured to be extremely durable and provide an immense amount of strength. Bulldozers are large construction equipment that is used mostly to move dirt and rubble along a construction site.

Bulldozers have a wide flat blade in its front. It can be operated using hydraulic pistons—letting the blade move within limited angles. Even with the limited movement of the blade, it is still more than capable to do its job properly and effectively.



Wheel Loaders

Wheel Loaders

An icon of the construction industry, along with a few other machines on this list, the wheel loader is a versatile and very mobile material handling equipment that is used mostly to transfer material from stockpiles to trucks, or around a jobs site. They transport are dirt, soil, concrete, rocks, pipes, steel products, debris, and many more—depending on the application. On its front is a bucket that can be as large as 20 cubic yards for the largest models. For large construction projects, they are the most suitable material handling equipment you can get!




Many forklifts nowadays are relatively small, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any models that are large enough to help out in a construction site. Much like the wheel loader, forklifts in the Philippines are used to transport materials all around the job site, the difference is that wheel loaders usually scoop up the materials it transports. Forklifts make use of forks and platforms, which adds a touch of specialized security. With that being said, forklifts are usually used to transport materials that require a touch of care such as assembled steel materials, drums with liquids in them, etc.



Mobile Crushers

Mobile Crushers

Nowadays there are many jobs that require a lot of crushing, be it raw materials or recyclable debris. With that in mind, mobile crushers have risen in priority. It’s not recommended anymore to rely on stationary crushing plants. The more mobile your construction equipment is, the faster and more efficient your job will be! Pair it with vibratory screens and you’ll see an increase in savings for logistic purposes—all because you made use of mobile crushers and vibratory screens!



Vibratory Rollers

The Philippines is undergoing a serious renovation and construction of roads. Heavy equipment that is perfect for these kinds of applications have become all the more essential in every construction company’s arsenal. In that regard, vibratory rollers are important to add to your list of equipment! They’re primarily used for road construction and or any kind of flattening jobs.

Mutlico offers vibratory rollers that offer high-powered compaction, pertaining to their 2 stage vibratory system with a large amplitude and automatic traction control for increased climbing ability. Proudly made in Germany, you’ll be sure that this heavy equipment will provide quality operations!




One of the larger construction equipment that can be available on both wheels or tracks, there’s nothing else that signals a construction site other than excavators in the Philippines. It’s known for its long bucket arm that is attached to its pivoting cab. The cab itself can rotate a full 360 degrees, for more flexibility and visibility of the site. Excavators are used to mostly dig up dirt or lift heavy materials including prefab pieces and pipes.



Key Takeaway

A construction company is nothing without its equipment. Ultimately, it is these machines that are sought-after when contractors choose to hire them. The more and better the construction equipment that a construction company has, the more opportunities that it will get in the future! With that being said, everything is rooted in the basics and the projects around the country. So if you’re a construction company in the Philippines, having all the mentioned heavy equipment above will give you a great advantage in the long run!

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