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6 Eco-Friendly Performance Features of CLARK Forklifts

What are the eco-friendly performance features of Clark Forklifts?

  1. Electric power source
  2. Regenerative electronic braking
  3. Excellent acceleration and performance
  4. Low Maintenance AC Motors
  5. Independent AC powered hydraulic pump
  6. ‘Built to last’ construction


Productivity and concern for the environment shouldn’t be mutually exclusive. That’s why at Clark Forklift, they offer an eco-friendly alternative to internal combustion forklifts. With built-to-last engineering, you can reduce air pollution, emissions, and energy consumption without compromising performance and durability. This way, you can reduce the impact on the environment while benefiting from cost-effective maintenance. Here are the eco-friendly performance features of the Clark forklift!


Electric Power Source

Forklifts are typically powered by an internal combustion engine. This means that you need to fuel them with diesel, gasoline, or liquid propane gas in order to use them. Because of the fumes, these are commonly used for outdoor applications. If you want material handling equipment for indoor use, electric variants found in the Clark EPXi series are your best bet.

Instead of fuel, you can charge an electric forklift before use. It emits zero to little emissions, that’s why it’s recommended for clean environments. Because they don’t need fossil fuels, they’re also an environmental-friendly solution. As a bonus, electric forklifts don’t produce noise and they’re cheaper to charge.


Regenerative Electronic Braking

Regenerative Electronic Braking

One of the most important components of the forklift is the brakes. But because the Clark EPXi series are electric forklifts, they feature three independent brake systems for safety and efficiency. These are the adjustable drum service brake, foot and parking brake, and electronic brake.

The regenerative electronic braking system is the differentiating feature of the Clark EPXi series. When an operator uses the brake, the energy is returned to the battery so you can save on energy costs, extend the time of driving, and minimize brake wear. Aside from that, it also allows the operator to use the brakes smoothly and accelerate progressively when changing directions.


Excellent Acceleration and Performance

If you’re looking for material handling equipment for your site, a few things that should be on your list are acceleration and performance. This way, operators can fulfill their tasks on time without encountering any problems.

Fortunately, the Clark EPXi series of forklifts feature a front axle-mounted 15 kW motor and 48-volt three-phase current technology. This gives operators control over acceleration and performance—which improves productivity!


Low Maintenance AC Motors

Low Maintenance AC Motors

If you’re planning to use your material handling equipment for a long time, one of your main concerns might be maintenance. Electric forklifts provide longer maintenance intervals for owners because they have fewer moving parts than internal combustion engines. This setup, in addition to the AC motor technology, makes repairs easy and hassle-free.

For the Clark EPXi series, the AC motors are low maintenance. They’re also monitored continuously for temperature and automatically adjusted for power to ensure that everything is running correctly.


Independent AC Powered Hydraulic Pump

For potential customers researching electric forklifts, one of your worries might be the maintenance of the battery. But with the Clark EPXi series, you will benefit from the independent AC-powered hydraulic pump. It only pumps the necessary amount of oil for the situation, so the forklift can save on energy and have a longer battery shift cycle.

Apart from that, maintenance is easier because the low pumping frequency from the internal gear hydraulic pump reduces the thermal loads on the hydraulics. During the reverse flow of the oil, it is filtered via suction to prevent large particles from entering the oil circuit.


‘Built To Last’ Construction

Built To Last’ Construction

In addition to all the features of the Clark EPXi series of forklifts, the signature ‘built-to-last construction’ of Clark ensures that owners can use their material handling equipment for a long time. If you’re concerned about the environment and want to prolong the service of your forklift, the electric variant is the right option for you.

Included in the robust design of the Clark EPXi is the well-designed driver compartment that makes it safe and smart to operate over long periods. For example, the easily adjustable seat provides maximum legroom for drivers in a long shift. A worker can also safely get in the cabin through the large low positioned step. Inside, a rubber material covers the floor to prevent slips and falls.

When operating the forklift, the driver can use the levers that are easily accessible from the seat. Other than that, you can also choose from multiple modes of operation to adapt to different work applications.


Key Takeaway

If you’re concerned about the impact of fossil fuels on the environment but want to experience high productivity on your site, you should check out the eco-friendly performance features Clark forklift! The EPXi series is a collection of electric forklifts which can save you on fuel and maintenance costs while benefiting from the performance and ‘built to last’ construction.

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