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What Makes the E-Crane Versatile?

What makes the E-crane so versatile?

  1. It can handle a wide variety of commodities and materials
  2. Its design allows for more utility
  3. It is used for a number of purposes


When it comes to heavy equipment and industrial machines, versatility is a word that is rarely associated with them. This is mainly because of a given machine’s somewhat ‘niche’ use — Crushers are used for crushing hard materials such as rock, road rollers are for rolling over surfaces for the purpose of compaction, and so on. While there is nothing wrong with that kind of dynamic, it does pose a challenge to equipment manufacturers around the world: how can they innovate machines to make them more versatile with efficiency and sustainability in mind?

One particular heavy-duty equipment that was created as an answer to that question is the E-crane. The E-crane has emerged and established itself as the premier material handling equipment being adopted by companies and firms worldwide due to its innovative design and versatility. Here’s why.

It can handle a wide variety of commodities and materials

It can handle a wide variety of commodities and materials

This may not be surprising as normal cranes are also generally designed to handle a wide array of materials. However, what makes the E-crane better than the usual crane is the added specialization for specific bulk materials such as coal, limestone, fertilizer, and grain despite being originally designed for barge and ship unloading.

The other available options in terms of having a dedicated system for offloading the said materials are either too inflexible or expensive. Traditional offloading systems are also usually hard to maintain. The E-crane doesn’t have these drawbacks, making it the ideal machine for handling dry bulk material among others.


Its design allows for more utility

The innovative technology and design behind the E-crane enable its versatility. It is also where the ‘E’ in its name comes from. Equilibrium, while a somewhat antiquated word, is closely related to balance. The concept of balance is vital when it comes to cranes because, without proper balance, the crane will not be stable enough to lift heavy loads consistently. An unstable crane is also a dangerous, accident-prone crane. That being said, cranes rely on a counterweight system to provide that needed balance.

What differentiates the E-crane from the rest of the pack is an improved counterweight system. While normal cranes have fixed counterweights, the E-crane has its counterweight linked to its adjustable stick. If you don’t know what this implies, a fixed counterweight can only carry loads up to a set amount of weight before becoming unstable.

The E-crane’s adjustable counterweight allows it to compensate for any given load which means you can carry more than what a normal crane can. Carrying more materials means getting more work done. In this regard, the E-crane is versatile when it comes to how much utility it can provide thanks to its design.


It is used in different industries

It is used in different industries

As a testament to its versatility, the E-crane is being used in many different industries from steel manufacturing to logistics. It can also be commonly found being used for construction operations even in offshore construction projects by way of E-crane vessels. In relation to that, E-cranes are capable of precise grab placement above or below the waterline — making it ideal for projects such as maintenance dredging and marine construction. Not even water hinders the E-crane.

Another industry where it is proving its worth is the recycling industry. In landfills and on-site material recycling, E-cranes are proving to be useful when partnered with industrial shredders and crushers. The increased payload capacity makes recycling processes quicker and more efficient.  The quicker the materials get processed, the quicker they can also be recycled.

Needless to say, operating an E-crane not only keeps your company’s sustainability in mind but also the general environment. It also has an added benefit of making your company more credible because those who adopt environment-friendly and ‘green’ technology often end up being lauded by the public in this age of environmental awareness and consciousness.


Key Takeaway

It should now come as no surprise as to why the E-crane is becoming the better and more popular option when it comes to material-handling equipment and machinery worldwide. If you have a company and are looking for a versatile tool that you can use to improve your operations without having to compromise on other aspects, look no further than the E-crane.

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