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3 Different Benefits You Can Get from the Clark Electric Forklift

What are the different benefits you can get from the Clark electric forklift?

  1. High performance
  2. Ergonomics and versatility
  3. Quick and easy maintenance



There was a time when a forklift in the Philippines could only run on either LPG or diesel and a forklift that ran on electricity was quite unimaginable. The reason no one even bothered to think about using electricity wasn’t that it was impossible but because they believed it wouldn’t work. Forklifts need power, climbing ability, high lift, and speed. They also have to run all day without any disturbance or downtime regardless of terrain and weather. Most operators and manufacturers believed that these things could only be accomplished when diesel and LPG were used.

However, they were all proven wrong when electric battery-powered forklifts entered the scene. Admittedly, the first few years of the electric forklift wasn’t filled with praise and applause, but that was followed by innovation and technological advancements. Through these, models evolved, and over the past decade, allowed electric forklifts to stand beside and sometimes above LPG and diesel ones.

The number of companies in the lift truck and material handling industry that are switching to electric forklifts have increased in the past years. Out of the thousand brands and models available, many go for the Clark electric forklift because of the many benefits it offers which we’ve listed below:



High Performance1

High Performance

Contrary to popular belief, electric forklifts can actually deliver performance that is on par with engine forklifts. It wouldn’t even be wrong to say that some of these electric models can work better than most other types.

Clark’s electric forklifts are no exception to this because they are designed to always deliver optimal performance and go beyond what is considered normal for their type. For example, depending on the forklift’s model, it could carry anywhere from 1500 to 4990 kilograms of load. Thanks to its German Made AC Motor. Speed also varies for each and ranges from a maximum of 16 to 21 km/h. When it comes to duration of operation, you can expect every model to last for 5 hours at most, which is more than enough to get all work done.

These are just some examples of what Clark forklifts are capable of and you’re sure to be surprised at their power once you get your hands on them.



Ergonomic and Versatile

Clark electric forklifts aren’t just focused on delivering performance, they also aim to make driving and working conditions better for operators. All this is made possible with the equipment’s ergonomic design that allows human operators to work efficiently and comfortably thereby increasing their productivity.

To give you an idea of its ergonomic design, entry and exit is possible from both sides of the equipment and is also made easier due to the low footstep. They are also equipped with an automotive pedal layout that makes it easier for operators to accelerate, decelerate, and reverse.

As for actual operation and control, Clark has fitted their models with a stable steering axle that has a 101° steering angle which allows the forklift to turn on the spot. There’s also a mechanism that prompts deceleration when cornering making it safer for new operators.

Of course, like most forklifts, the function can be changed depending on the attachment and cab type, which is also possible for the Clark electric forklift. You can rest assured that you will always have the perfect vehicle for every working condition.



Quick and Easy Maintenance

Quick and Easy Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the hardest parts of owning a piece of equipment, but even that is made easier with Clark forklifts.

When compared to engine forklifts, electric forklifts are much easier to maintain for many reasons. The first is that it has fewer components that need maintenance and/or replacement. Second is the fact that each of its parts can be accessed easily for servicing. Finally, onboard diagnostics via error codes is made possible even without the use of sophisticated services tools.

Through this, operators won’t have to open up the forklift to inspect each and every component. Instead, they only need to perform a diagnostic test every now and then to find out whether there’s a malfunctioning part within the system.



Key Takeaway

If, at first, electric forklifts were disregarded and shunned by the industry. Now, they are considered to be one of the most efficient, productive, and low-maintenance equipment available.

Those who are using an engine forklift in the Philippines can surely benefit from switching to Clark’s electric forklifts. They come with a lot of benefits that can’t be found in other types and are sure to increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace. You may think that these things come with a hefty price but they actually don’t. It may only seem like electric forklifts are more expensive upfront but you have to take into consideration the fact that fuel costs, which is usually high, is completely eliminated.

To put it simply, you can get a long-lasting and high-performance electric forklift for an affordable and reasonable price and if that isn’t worth your money, then we don’t know what is!

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