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An In-Depth Look at Clark’s S-Series Forklifts

What are the things you need to know about Clark’s S-Series Forklifts?

  1. The S-Series is useful for many applications
  2. Durability at its finest
  3. Strength with every turn
  4. Innovative results with Smart Features



The Clark’s S-Series is smart, strong, safe, and durable – everything you will need in a forklift in the Philippines. The vehicle’s sleek design is bound to turn heads, but its powerful performance is what makes it unique. The features and benefits of the all-new CLARK S-Series Forklifts are unmatched. It will be the perfect companion for your industrial and construction needs.

CLARK lift trucks are well-known for their top-of-the-line quality and global operating capability. With the S-Series, the company has produced a new generation line of forklifts for the international market. Here is your in-depth look at Clark’s S-Series Forklift along with the powerful benefits that it can deliver for your business or personal needs:



The S-Series is Useful for Many Applications

The S-Series is Useful for Many Applications

Since Clark’s invention of the first forklift truck in 1917, they have been continuously innovating the technology surrounding the multipurpose vehicle. From then on, Clark has manufactured over a million units across the world with its operations spanning to a hundred different industries.

As Clark has one of the largest support networks in the material handling industry, you can trust that you are in good hands when it comes to your power, safety, and actual performance of the forklift.

Forklifts are one of the most vital tools that can help in improving business operations to its most positive extent. It has transcended across a wide array of industries, which spells big profit generation for businesses. Clark forklifts take this a step further since they are both innovative and useful for many versatile projects: indoor and outdoor material movement, specialty uses, and training tools.

Having been a primary staple in warehouses and distribution centers, Clark forklifts are great mechanisms in the overall productivity of these business operations. One of the most impressive forklift brands out there in the market!



Durability at its Finest

CLARK forklift trucks mirror the agility of its manufacturing company because both are built to last. With its power attributed to its Ford 2.5L LPG Tier 4 Engine and features of force-cooled wet disc brakes, you are sure to receive a reliable and strong performance with this forklift.

It can even run for 52kw at 2500rpm, and with its fully welded heavy gauge frame, it will be the best you can ask for in a handling machine. Its proven steer axles and cooling systems make it efficient for ease-of-use in applications such as heavy manufacturing, stevedoring, warehousing, and building material handling.

Equipped with the standard features that you can see in all CLARK forklift variants, a full range of lift heights, high visibility, a two-pedal inch-brake system, hood mounted control levers, etc. it is built for convenience with that same familiarity in all CLARK products but with the promise of innovation for the industries that it may serve.



Strong with Every Turn

Strong with Every Turn

The innovative design is not the only strong suit of Clark forklifts; the strength of the machine is also derived from the industry standards that have served as the legacy for which Clark soldiers on.

Ensuring a strong performance from these forklifts also makes it possible to lessen the overall cost of maintenance and services. It has load capacities from 1.4 to 1.6 tons and it can lift heights of up to 10.5 meters. This means that Clark S-Series forklifts promise an extremely smooth operation with the best possible weight distribution.

These forklifts are built upon the compact quality and flexibility that they have been delivering to clients ever since its conception in the early 1900’s. With constant regard for the company to build around equipment in the foundation of design and durability, you are sure to be impressed with their forklifts and the extensive service it can bring to your operations.



Innovation Results in Smart Features

The S-Series brags top of the line features and rightfully so since Clark has not disappointed people with their designs and product specifications for over a 100 years at this point.

What’s great about these forklifts is that they have a smart dash equipped with 5” Color LCD display, onboard diagnostics, password protected engine start, a powertrain protection monitoring system, etc. With the rise of technology in different industries, it is no surprise that Clark is also a forerunner in championing innovative features such as these.

With the interactive control panel, this further promotes their ease-of-use. These Forklifts are also sustainable as they are powered by fuel-efficient engines which will be the smart move in long-term goals.


Key Takeaway

Together with Clark, Multico aims to bring you the strongest and most durable equipment for many applications. For industries in the Philippines, forklifts are a must-have, especially with applications involving manufacturing and logistics.

With the impressive features of the S-Series, you would be drawn to other variants of forklifts because Clark has proven its efficiency over the years and through many years to come.

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