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6 Crusher Equipment Safety Tips

What are the crusher equipment safety tips?

    1. Train operators about crusher safety
    2. Keep instruction manuals nearby
    3. Wear PPE at all times
    4. Operate within the crusher’s capacity
  1. Be consistent with crusher maintenance
  2. Keep the crushing area clean


Crushers are heavy equipment capable of breaking big rocks into smaller aggregates. It is useful in quarrying, mining, and recycling raw materials for construction and manufacturing. With this power and strength, owners and operators should take the time to know about crusher safety tips. Keep on reading to learn more!


Train Operators About Crusher Safety

Aside from having manuals, it is also imperative to train crusher operators about safety. Not just anyone can handle heavy equipment so you can’t just assign a new person this job. There are hazards and risks that a user has to be aware of which can result in injury. Make sure that new hires have the proper education regarding crusher safety. Even a person who is a professional in operating cone crushers needs to be trained in the specifics of using jaw crushers.

Aside from personnel safety, this training would ensure that heavy equipment is used properly to prevent breakage and early repairs. A safe environment for working will lead to more productive work which will benefit you in the long run. Make sure that you conduct refresher training regularly to remind your staff about these safety instructions.

Keep Instruction Manuals Nearby

Keep Instruction Manuals Nearby

Manuals are important because they contain helpful information like how to operate a crusher, safety tips to avoid accidents, directions to fix minor problems, and maintenance recommendations. If you follow them to the letter, your crusher will rarely face any problems in the future.

Make copies so everyone who needs to operate a crusher has a personal guide. Keep it near the operation premises at all times so you can consult it when needed from time to time.


Wear PPE at All Times

Even before operating a crusher, workers in a hazardous job site need to wear the appropriate work-wear. Many people do not wear their personal protective equipment properly because they have become complacent while operating for a long time. For this, it is a good idea to assign a person to check if your personnel is following the safety dress code.

With the right training, this problem could be overcome easily. Just be sure to always remind your staff that this is for their own safety. It is simple to do and it can prevent a lot of injuries. For example, an eye shield can deflect any flying rocks that result from the crushing process. A safety belt can also keep you safe from falling in.


Operate Within the Crusher’s Capacity

Operate Within the Crusher’s Capacity

Not all crushers can handle the same types of rocks. Primary crushers can break bigger rocks while secondary crushers will grind the resulting material to smaller and finer pieces. If you feed a larger raw material than it can handle, it could lead to blockages which can damage the equipment and halt productivity.

When it comes to this job, rushing your operators is not a wise move. This can lead to overfeeding, which could only lead to major damages which will move your deadlines even further. Always prioritize safety and follow the crusher’s capacity even if you have an urgent task to finish. It is also a good idea to invest in more crushers to keep up with your requirements.


Be Consistent with Crusher Maintenance

Just like all heavy equipment, a crusher will also go through normal wear and tear. You can prolong the need for repairs and upgrades if you train your people to operate it within capacity. Another useful thing is also to conduct regular maintenance to spot problems and fix them early.

When doing maintenance work, it is useful to have another person aside from the operator to inspect the crusher. This new set of fresh eyes can help you see problems that usually go unnoticed because of complacency which results from repetitive tasks such as crushing.

Keep The Crushing Area Clean

Keep The Crushing Area Clean

Cleanliness is a good trait everyone should have in their job site. This habit will help prevent accidents that are caused by a dirty environment. For example, slips and trips could happen because of greasy ladders, neglected debris, and muddy platforms. This could lead to major injuries which could leave your personnel in hospital beds for a long time.

Make it a goal to always have time for cleanups at the end of a working day. This can make the housekeeping light if you do it consistently as opposed to doing it weekly or monthly. Hazards and risks are already there as long as you have to work with heavy equipment. Having an unsanitary and dirty environment can double this risk.


Key Takeaway

These crusher safety tips will prevent accidents in the workplace, maintain functioning equipment for a long time, and increase productivity. The key here is to prioritize training your operators so they know how to wear protective clothing, work within a crusher’s capacity, maintain it, and keep the area clean. Having an instruction manual will help as their guide but they know the important things to always keep in mind.

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