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What are Some of the Most Common Attachments for a Bulldozer?

What are the most common attachments for bulldozers?


  1. Blades
  2. Winches
  3. Stumpbuster
  4. Window Protection Screens
  5. Scarifiers


Properly equipping your bulldozer with attachments can make your job more time-efficient and cost-efficient. There are tons of new and old products that can make your job easier without sacrificing quality and efficiency. If you want to improve your workflow, varying attachments like these are a must. Here are the most common bulldozer attachments you can choose from depending on the job.




Blades are an essential attachment to bulldozers. You have tons of options to choose from and it can be a bit of a challenge to identify the standard blade. Depending on what kind of dozer job and the intensity, some blades are better than others. Here are some examples of blades you can attach to your dozer:

S Blades or straight blades are the most common dozer blades. The appearance of a straight blade is short. It spans horizontally with no apparent side wings. The S blade shouldn’t be used for pushing materials and gathering materials as the lack of edges will not hold on to any material. It’s better to use the S blade for ditching, compacted surface material, and backfilling.

Push plate blades are cushioned blades that are reinforced to ensure longevity when pushing other pieces of equipment. It can be used to push load scrapers and other equipment with ease. The heavy-duty build is wear-resistant and reinforced to help it do its job efficiently and properly.

Sidewall blades are used to push mountains of wood chips or large amounts of similar materials that are prone to spilling over. This type of blade can cover long distances and can include dual cutting edges for faster loading as well as sidewall rigidity.

Folding blades have the functionality to be rotated outwards to disperse material on either side. It can also fold towards you to scoop material inwards. Very useful for dumping soil or landfill efficiently.

Sloping blades are used to grade dirt and gravel. It can cut and clean ditches efficiently. It can do a bit of light dozing. Use these blades to finish grade work in landscaping or construction.



Winches are for handling towing. These are typically used for railroad wreckage recovery, pipeline construction, mining, and conveyor relocation. Attaching a winch to your dozer can be very useful if you need to sustain loads for long periods. You can choose different winches to gain various towing capabilities, line speed, and weight. Using the winch will also avoid putting stress on the dozer hydraulic system because of the heat. It’s a better option to have a winch instead of leaving your dozer bare when it comes to towing to prolong the usage of your equipment.



Clearing out stumps can be very tedious when you’re not using the proper attachment. You could risk damaging your dozer if you don’t have the proper equipment on hand. For efficient clearing of tree stumps, a stumpbuster is your best attachment. The stumpbuster is a single spike that is to the dozer. The horizontal positioning of the stump buster allows you to split tree stumps easily. It can also be attached to the rear of your dozer and can be raised out of the way when it’s not in use. This attachment is great for land clearing work.


Window Protection Screens

Window Protection Screens

Protective gear and protective guidelines are important for construction work. Equipping your operators with the best safety equipment is a must to prevent injuries and accidents on site. Probably one of the most important attachments yet so simple in concept is the window protection screen. These are very simple to use and fit over the window of the dozer. This protective screen ensures that the window will avoid breaking should you encounter debris or material impact. It can also minimize the potential damage to the dozer and driver.



Scarifiers are a bit similar to rippers but can work in a much more compact manner. Instead of a garishly giant claw, scarifiers use elegant spikes that can break up the surface of the ground. Scarifiers take what you need to rake in and clear away surface matter to loosen up the top ground layer. This is very useful for roadworks, landfills, and general construction to properly loosen up the topmost layer of the ground.


Key Takeaway

There are many common bulldozer attachments to choose from to make your project easier. These attachments are designed to enhance the functionality of your dozer without compromising your workflow. These attachments can make dozer jobs quicker and improve the quality of your output. These can be used for a number of functions such as digging, leveling, excavating, pushing, and more. With a simple attachment, you modify your bulldozer to create an even stronger machine with different capabilities for different types of jobs.

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