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CLARK S-Series American Ergonomics for Superior Comfort

What are the ergonomic features of the CLARK S-series forklift?

  1. Smart dashboard
  2. Full-suspension seat
  3. Large floorboards
  4. Ergonomic inching and brake pedal
  5. Small diameter steering wheel

The CLARK S-Series is currently one of the best forklift products in the market. It is renowned for its strength, safety, and low cost of ownership. However, one thing about the CLARK S-Series that does not get enough attention is its ergonomic design.

If you are planning on buying a forklift then continue reading because with the superior comfort that the S-Series can provide, it can prove to be a worthy choice.

Smart dashboard

Ergonomics is mostly about efficiency and comfort, especially in relation to working conditions and its accompanying products, processes, and systems. That being said, the CLARK S-series forklift has a smart dashboard that makes operating it much more comfortable and accessible. With a 5” color LCD display, the interface is vibrant and clear.

In terms of functionality, it has on-board diagnostics and controller area network (CANbus) capabilities. This means it can connect to other devices in order to send data and other important information without requiring a host computer.

Full-suspension seat

When it comes to powered industrial trucks, the driver/operator’s seat is often overlooked when gauging how excellent their quality is. What most people don’t know is that the seat itself is important in keeping its users healthy and comfortable. Many truck operators suffer from lower back pain due to poor seat ergonomics combined with prolonged use of the vehicle. 

This is where the CLARK S-series’ full-suspension seat comes into the picture. Put simply, it is the epitome of ergonomics and comfort. The full-suspension seats minimize the shock and vibration that the forklift operator receives. This results in less stress on the operator’s neck, spine, and lower back — further allowing him or her to be productive on full work days while at the same time minimizing any negative health impacts.

In combination with the balanced engine and isolated transmission that the S-series has, even engine noise is reduced and maximum comfort for the operator is achieved.

Large floorboards

Large floorboards are always going to be a welcome design for any vehicle, whether it’s a vehicle geared for industrial or casual use. You can even go as far as saying that more legroom means more comfort. This becomes increasingly important as forklifts are used for extended periods of time, allowing operators to stretch their feet when needed.

Ergonomic inching and brake pedal

The CLARK S-series also employs an ergonomic inching and brake pedal design that reduces the effort needed to push down on the pedal. While this may initially feel like it could be hazardous, it is not. In combination with the spacious legroom, uncomfortable feet while operating a forklift is a thing of the past.

Small diameter steering wheel

Finally, a small-diameter steering wheel allows for even easier and comfortable use of the forklift. By having a smaller diameter, the effort that needs to be exerted to achieve varying degrees of turning is minimized. Just like the other ergonomic features of the S-series, this allows maximum productivity without sacrificing an ounce of comfort.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know why CLARK S-series forklifts offer supreme comfort, buying a forklift is an easier task to do. If you are looking for a forklift of excellent quality and innovative design, the CLARK S-series can be the one for you. You surely will not be disappointed.

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