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Clark LEP Lithium Forklift — Perfect Alternative to Diesel and LPG

Why is the Clark LEP Lithium Forklift a perfect alternative to Diesel and LPG?

  1. Long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery
  2. Frame and Mast Durability
  3. Simple and Convenient Maintenance
  4. Simple and Automatic Operation
  5. Various Safety Features

Forklifts have various applications both for indoor and outdoor working environments. Depending on where you’ll use them, operators can either use an electric-powered or diesel-powered forklift. 

However, operators don’t have to look further because the new Clark forklift — Clark LEP Lithium Forklift — proves to be a good alternative to strong diesel-powered machines. The combination of its lithium-ion battery and increased frame and mast durability make it a contender to handle heavier loads. 

Here’s a closer look at some of it’s advantageous features:

Long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery

Long-lasting Lithium Ion Battery

The Clark LEP Lithium Forklift is equipped with a Lithium Ion Battery that is built to last up to 2,500 charging cycles. This gives the forklift the power it needs to accomplish heavy lifts and transport without it powering down immediately.

When looked at side-by-side with diesel and LPG forklifts, the  Clark Forklift presents more environmental benefits. Being an electrical vehicle, operators don’t need to worry about gas emissions, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. 

The Clark Forklift’s battery does not require maintenance compared to other battery-operated lifts. That means operators do not need to worry about refilling water, cleaning, and checking its acid levels.

In addition to that, the Lithium Ion battery does not require to be charged in a dedicated charging room. Operators don’t need to make space for complex charging stations. The Clark LEP Lithium Forklift also has the ability to charge throughout the day, eliminating the need to switch its batteries throughout the day.

Frame and Mast Durability

Diesel and LPG forklifts can carry heavy lifts compared to other electrical forklifts. However, with the innovation made to the frame and mast of the Clark Forklift, it is also able to accommodate heavier loads. 

The forklift features a proven high strength when nested upright. Its beams and mast utilize the same I-beam technology used throughout the CLARK range. This model was also designed to handle heavier loads. 

It also has better resistance to side-to-side deflection thanks to its stiffer rail sections. Along with its low center of gravity with the driver axle, the forklift becomes more stable when handling heavier loads.

Simple and Convenient Maintenance

With its lithium-ion batteries, operators don’t need to worry about maintenance as stated above. It is also more accessible to access the battery because of the wide-angle open hood cover. 

Its fuse and relay are also placed in a strategic location, at the bottom of the operator’s footrest. This makes it easy to check for daily inspections and to repair fuses when needed. 

The Curtis Controller found in the forklift provides the machine with smooth control of the permanent magnet drive. This is also easily accessible since it’s found in the forklift’s rear panel. 

Simple and Automatic Operation

Simple and Automatic Operation

The Clark LEP Lithium Forklift is very simple to operate thanks to its automatic transmission. It consists of the standard four-function ergonomic lever. This reduces the fatigue operators can experience when driving diesel-powered forklifts. Operators also have more space because of the cowl-mounted levers. 

Right beside its levers, you can find a full-color LED display. This shows the different suit application when using the forklift’s four driving modes. It also displays the status of the machine through CAN-BUS communication with its controller. 

There are also additional features that make the machine easy to use. 

Additional Features:

  • Anti-roll down function

This prevents the forklift from rolling back even without the operator applying the brakes. This ensures the safety of pedestrians behind a forklift and the operator as well. 

  • Anti-fall valve

When carrying heavier loads, operators can make use of this switch to prevent the loads from descending. It also prevents damaging the hydraulic hosing of the forklift. 

  • Emergency Stop Switch

In times of dangerous situations, operators can push on the emergency stop switch found beside the operator’s chair. This immediately cuts it off from the main power of the forklift. 

  • Boarding Handle and Non-Slip Tape

To prevent the operator from slipping when boarding and exiting the forklift, a boarding handle and non-slip tape were installed. 

Various Safety Features

Various Safety Features

There are many safety features on the Clark LEP Lithium Forklift to ensure that operators and other persons in the facility remain safe while in operation. 

Safety Blue Light

Found at the back of the machines, this blue light prevents collision accidents. The light is shone on the floor to alert nearby pedestrians that the forklift is nearby. 

Seat Belt Interlock Kit

To ensure the operator’s safety, all Clark LEP Lithium Forklifts can only operate once they’ve strapped on their safety. 

Amber Beacon

These are standard lights found in a forklift. It’s located at the rear and below the overhead guard height. 

Rear Work Light

To increase the driver and machine’s visibility, a rear-mounted work light is also installed. 

Operators can also choose to install a wide-angle mirror to give them a wider view of the rear. There is also an option to set up a rear-mounted camera and dash monitor to assist operators while reversing. 

Key Takeaway

The Clark LEP Lithium Forklift has proven to be a good alternative to LPG and Diesel forklifts. Its long-lasting battery can keep it running for longer periods, and its increased mast strength helps it handle much heavier loads. 

If you need assistance in purchasing a forklift, you can message us here at Multico—the top heavy-duty machinery distributor in the Philippines. We carry forklifts from the Clark Material Handling Company. We also carry Bisahmon hand pallet trucks.

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