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Best Heavy Duty Machine Supplier in Cebu

Why is Multico the best heavy-duty machine supplier in Cebu?

  1. A wide range of heavy-duty machinery
  2. Excellent Customer Service
  3. Efficient Equipment Distribution
  4. Years of Experience in the Industry

In the construction industry, heavy equipment plays an essential role. There has been a rise in the number of projects in the residential, construction, and industrial industries, making the role of heavy-duty machines more important than ever. It’s becoming especially important in rapidly urbanizing areas across the Philippines. In places like Cebu, for example, there is an exponential increase in industrial, commercial, and public projects. With so many developments planned and ongoing, companies must work with the best heavy-duty machine supplier in Cebu.

Large-scale projects require the vehicles these suppliers provide to make their projects time- and cost-efficient. You can only trust the best companies like us here at Multico to provide you with the best equipment for the project. Keep reading to learn more!

A wide range of heavy-duty machinery

A wide range of heavy-duty machinery

At Multico, we are proud to be called a one-stop shop for all your construction needs. We can supply customers with material handling equipment, generator sets, heavy equipment, and even spare parts. Here are just some of the heavy machines that we can offer our clients.

Wheel Loaders

This machine helps in material handling and transportation. It comes in various sizes, making it possible to have this in both big and small construction projects. This also allows it to accommodate both big and small loads depending on their size.

With the help of its bucket and arm, it can lift land, rocks, and soil to different places. It’s also possible to change its attachments depending on the task at hand.

Road Rollers

Another name for this heavy-duty machine is a vibratory compactor. Many recognize this because of the drum attachment at its front. This is used to crush and flatten materials. It can also be used to compact gravel, asphalt, and soil when creating roads. It is also an important machine to use when creating the foundation of construction sites.


There are two types of crushers available that we offer here at Multico: primary and secondary crushers. When choosing between the two, an operator must consider the materials that need to be broken down.

A primary crusher has the ability to crush large materials like rocks and ore into smaller sizes. These are usually used for further processing in a secondary crusher. These can break down middle-sized stones into products as fine as gravel.

Heavy-Duty Equipment

There are also different forms of heavy equipment that we can offer you here at Multico. There includes bulldozers, excavators, cranes, forklifts, cherry pickers, and backhoes. We are also the trusted distributor for several renowned brands, such as Clark, Rubble Master, Weycore, and more.

We make sure to have these available for our clients because of their importance in construction. With the Philippine landscape in constant development, companies need to find the best heavy-duty machine supplier in Cebu and other provinces.

Excellent Customer Service

Excellent Customer Service

Our mission here at Multico is to maintain our status as a reputable one-stop-shop and as one of Asia’s leaders in engineering equipment distribution.

The only way for us to accomplish this mission is by providing our clients with the best possible service. We don’t stop at just providing our clients with the best equipment, but we also make sure to listen to their queries both before and after the service.

We try to establish long-term partnerships with our clients so that they know they can always come back to us here at Multico for their construction needs.

Efficient Equipment Distribution

As Mutlico grew over the years, we were able to establish and improve our logistics management across the country. This helped us establish supply chains across the country, guaranteeing our clients that they can get their equipment quickly from a reliable company.

Our dedication to fast lead times, reliable delivery, and excellent ongoing support have also led us to become the best heavy-duty machine supplier in Cebu, Laguna, Davao, and many other provinces in the Philippines.

Years of Experience in the Industry

It was 42 years ago when Mutlico’s parent company in Singapore established its company. It rapidly grew throughout Asia. In 2013, we were already appointed as the exclusive distributor of Clark Forklifts and Bishamon Hand Pallet Trucks.

With our decades of experience, we were also given the privilege to become the exclusive distributor of Rubble Master crushers and screens in the country.

Key Takeaway

Here at Multico, we aim to be a one-stop shop for our clients for their equipment needs. That’s why we established and developed our brand to become a supply chain across different provinces in the country. We want to provide construction projects all over the archipelago with the best equipment for the job.

That’s why you don’t have to look far to find the best heavy-duty machine supplier in Cebu. Contact us here today to get a quote for our state-of-the-art equipment from our partners. We provide clients with heavy-duty machines from Sinomach, Rubble Master, Clark, and Busamon.

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