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Get The Best Deals with Multico’s Summer Heat Promo

What can you expect from the Multico Summer Heat Promo?

  1. 30% discount for Clark Forklift models
  2. Savings on Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck purchases
  3. Worry-free Clark Forklift rental programs


There are fewer rainfalls during the summer, which means that you can work outdoors for prolonged periods. But during this season, the heat can make it overwhelming for your workers. Even if they’re on duty inside a well-ventilated facility, the hot and humid weather can make them more tired than usual. Fortunately, you can take advantage of the Multico Summer Promo to benefit from the best pallet hand truck and forklift in the Philippines! Read on.


30% Discount for Clark Forklift Models

30% Discount for Clark Forklift Models

As the best-selling brand in the industry, Clark Forklifts can be seen in warehouses and logistic facilities in the country. They allow workers to transport goods efficiently and effortlessly. Take advantage of the 30% discount on the following models until May 31, 2021, while supplies last!


Clark Forklift C30D

The Clark Forklift C30D is part of the GEN2 Series. These pneumatic tire trucks are designed to be used in manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing facilities. Because it has a diesel engine, you can enjoy more savings when it comes to fuel costs!

When it comes to construction, this forklift is built to last. It only uses high-quality materials to support operators in tough conditions. The driver’s compartment is ergonomically designed to make operation comfortable.

Other than that, the low effort service brake allows the driver to be safe and relaxed during his shift. The steering system also eliminates kick-back to improve maneuverability. With these features, an operator can minimize fatigue and work longer!


Clark Forklift GTS30D

Clark Forklift GTS30D is another diesel-powered engine that is easily serviceable and durable. Instead of drum brakes, it has wet-disc brakes that can reduce brake pedal effort. Other than reducing fatigue, it also provides lower maintenance costs and less downtime!

Just like the previous model, it is also made for distribution, warehousing, and manufacturing jobs in the Philippines. With nestled upright rails and a narrow column, operators will appreciate the maximum visibility when driving this material handling equipment.

Lifting and lowering are also smoother because of the hydraulic cushioning valves. This reduces the shock and instead provides silent staging of the rails.


Savings On Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck Purchases

Savings On Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck Purchases

As portable material handling equipment, hand pallet trucks are indispensable to countless facilities in the Philippines. Because they are small, they’re easy to use in tighter spaces where forklifts can’t fit. It also helps your workers reduce fatigue when loading and unloading goods! This is useful especially during summer when the heat outdoors can be unbearable for long periods.

If you want to purchase material handling equipment for your site, you can enjoy more savings at Multico! Because they have exclusive discounts for the Bishamon Hand Pallet Trucks, you can experience the superior quality of the top-selling brand made in Japan.

Bishamon Hand Pallet Trucks are specifically designed with comfortable molded grip handles and easy fingertip control to reduce hand tiredness. The blue paints are also lead-free to make them environmentally friendly! With different load capacities, you can find the right model for your needs.


Worry-free Clark Forklift Rental Programs

Worry-free Clark Forklift Rental Programs

In business, there are times when the unexpected happens. You’re overwhelmed with an increase in orders, some machines fail, or you have deadlines set sooner. Because of this, you need to have additional material handling equipment to help your workers. You can reduce your worries with Multico’s Forklift Rental Fleet!


Wide Forklift Selection

From LPG, Diesel, Reach Trucks, Electric Counterbalance Forklifts, and Electric Pallet Movers—Multico offers a wide range of Clark’s material handling equipment! If you’re curious about the features of this reputable brand, a rental program allows you to try the products that you are interested in.


Flexible Rental and Contract Terms

Do you need a forklift for short-term use? Or maybe you’re interested in renting multiple pieces of equipment for some time. With flexible rental and contract terms, Multico can help you find the right solution for your needs—no matter how specific it can be.


Maintenance from Clark Trained Technicians

Multico’s Clark Forklifts for rent are carefully cared for to maintain them in the best working condition. Their certified technicians have training and experience in inspecting, diagnosing, and repairing problems. With preventive maintenance services, they’re in top shape!


Genuine Parts and Accessories

All Clark Forklifts for rent have genuine parts and accessories. From the attachments, tires, mast, and other components—Multico makes sure that only authentic pieces are used in replacements.


Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for more savings, you need to take advantage of the Multico Summer Promo! You can buy brand new Clark Forklifts with a huge 30% discount, enjoy markdowns in Bishamon Hand Pallet Trucks, and benefit from the cost-effective forklift rental program. Don’t waste another minute because stocks are in high demand.

If you’re interested in the best material handling equipment promo in the Philippines, send a message here to Multico!

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