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The Benefits of Using a Truck Crane in the Philippines

What are the benefits of using a truck crane in the Philippines?

  1. Truck cranes are capable of doing many tasks
  2. They require less space and set-up time
  3. Truck cranes are maneuverable
  4. They are less expensive than tower cranes

The truck crane, also known as a mobile crane, is one of the most widely used material handlers around. While traditional cranes and even the E-crane are great in their own right, using a truck crane in the Philippines can be highly beneficial for you. If you are not already using one and don’t know why it can help you in your construction or other industrial processes, then continue reading because a mobile crane can certainly be useful.

Truck cranes are capable of doing many tasks

While it may seem obvious that a mobile crane is capable of doing many tasks, it can be easy to assume that it can do far less than other crane alternatives. This is because of the mobile crane’s inherently smaller size. However, that is really not the case because they are powerful enough to lift most of the heavy objects at a given job or construction site — even in the construction of tall buildings.

Multiple axles and an improved hydraulic power contribute to a truck crane’s strength while proper balance designs allow it to hoist and lift objects to great heights. The prevailing mindset that truck cranes give you less power and utility may have been true before, but thanks to innovations in technology and design, that mindset is best left in the past.

They require less space and set-up time

Traditional modern cranes are incredibly huge and because of this, they take more space and longer to set up. During the advent of mass industrialization, buildings and other structures were built on land with huge amounts of space that can accommodate much heavy equipment. This made tower cranes very useful and efficient. However, since urban areas are now more common than undeveloped areas, job sites are becoming smaller and tighter, especially in the Philippines.

Using a truck crane in the Philippines is the most optimal way of handling and lifting materials given the general lack of space in many job sites and the long set-up that comes with the bigger stationary cranes. Truck cranes only need a relatively small portion of the working area for it to do its job.

Truck cranes are maneuverable

Truck cranes are also called mobile cranes for a reason. Since they are essentially cranes on wheels, truck cranes are highly maneuverable and are ready to use once it arrives at the site. This is highly beneficial for contractors and construction companies that want to be efficient with their operations. Given the increasing rate of industrialization and property development in the Philippines, having a mobile and maneuverable crane allows people to get more done with the same or even less time.

Moving a truck crane from one site to another is easy and cost-effective. Tower cranes, on the other hand, need to be assembled at one site then disassembled once the job is done before being transported and reassembled at another location. This is incredibly time and energy-consuming as many people are also involved in the process of bringing a tower crane from one place to another, a process that can potentially cause delays for a given job order.

They are less expensive than tower cranes

Now that you understand many of the capabilities of a truck crane, the proverbial cherry on top is the lower cost that comes with operating one. As previously stated, other crane alternatives will almost always require a bigger crew of people and a large amount of time to set-up. All these can cost you a fortune and if you don’t have much to spare, it leaves you with only a few options.

The good news is that the truck crane is one of those options and if you’ve read all that has been mentioned above, it is definitely a good one at that. You wouldn’t need to invest in a large team to set it up, instead only needing a trained operator and a driver to get things started. If the operator is also the driver, then it becomes an even better proposition for you.

Key Takeaway

Using a truck crane in the Philippines for your given needs can be a great decision because of the many benefits listed above. If you are interested in getting one, click here to see Multico’s available truck cranes for sale.

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