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Benefits of Using Construction Hoists

What are the benefits of using construction hoists?

  1. Moves heavy materials
  2. Enhances safety
  3. Increased productivity
  4. Significant cost savings


  • The Philippines is experiencing a construction industry boom, with significant growth expected over the next decade, driven by residential and commercial projects.
  • To meet the demands of this growth, construction businesses need to invest in reputable heavy equipment, including construction hoists.
  • A construction hoist is a specialized elevator system used for transporting construction materials and workers vertically on construction sites.
  • Construction hoists are crucial in construction by efficiently transporting heavy materials, enhancing safety, boosting productivity, and yielding cost savings.

The Philippines has long been experiencing a boom in the construction industry. Reports revealed a bullish growth in the construction sector over the next 10 years, due to the development of residential projects, more commercial offices, malls, and hotels.

To attain such a feat, construction businesses must ensure to invest in reputable heavy equipment in the Philippines to carry out this momentum. A construction hoist is one such piece of equipment that can support workers seamlessly moving materials between towering floors of any building project.

We will feature the profound benefits of using construction hoists in this article -From enhanced safety and productivity to substantial cost savings it brings.

What is a Construction Hoist?

What is a Construction Hoist?

A construction hoist is a specialized elevator system designed for the vertical transport of construction materials and workers on sites. These are often referred to as man lifts, personnel hoists, and construction elevators.

There are various sizes available with different load capacities for diverse construction projects for these machines.

With that said, Multico, an authorized distributor of Alimak, offers a range of Alimak construction hoist models tailored to meet specific project needs. These models are synonymous with reliability, performance, and user satisfaction on construction sites nationwide.

Moves Heavy Materials

Whether it’s the rapid and precise transportation of concrete to the upper floors of a high-rise building, the seamless movement of massive steel beams to their intended locations, or the lifting and placement of various other weighty materials, the construction hoist serves as the undisputed powerhouse of the construction industry.

Its capacity to move heavy materials with ease represents a transformative advantage that cannot be emphasized enough.

For instance, you have a project in a busy urban area where a high-rise building is under construction. This job requires the transport of huge materials such as concrete blocks, steel beams, and bags of cement. Thus, the absence of a construction hoist would mean another burden to your workforce.

Enhances Safety

In the Philippines, construction work shows between 1,986 to 3,032 cases of occupational injuries and is indeed a hazardous industry. The data in the study revealed that more than 2 million Filipinos are employed in the construction sector, thus highlighting the need for safe and top-quality equipment.

Construction hoists make a significant impact on improving safety. Heavy load handling is what these hoists do best, making sure the movement of materials like concrete, steel, and equipment is done securely to set the standards of safety with no harm to workers or damage of materials while moving them at all stages.

These specialized elevators also do more than provide an advantage; they offer a lifeline by minimizing the risks of accidents in construction.

Increased Productivity

Construction hoists act as the fulcrum of increased productivity, allowing for the rapid and secure transportation of loads. This reduces the labor-intensive burden of manual material handling, liberating the workforce to concentrate on core construction tasks.

For example, a construction hoist can easily move huge quantities of concrete to the designated floor during a pour in a high-rise building project, saving time and decreasing physical strain on workers. This system allows employees to focus on specialized duties while still expediting the project’s progress, thus increasing productivity.

Significant Cost Savings

From the points we mentioned earlier, the benefits of using construction hoists present enough reasons why it’s a titan in the building industry. Other than a seamless run of your project, it helps curtail labor expenses, minimize project delays, and optimize resource allocation.

Keeping a construction project within budget ensures that it remains financially feasible and on track, avoiding possible financial pressure. Other than that, this strategy heightens client satisfaction, competitive advantage, and resource optimization leading to strong cost management.

This makes construction hoists catalysts for reshaping the cost structure of construction because they consistently trim expenses across the lifecycle of a construction project.

Key Takeaway

As we stride toward the future of construction, it is crucial to embrace the benefits of using construction hoist and its transformative power.

With this, consider integrating Multico’s Alimak construction hoist models, designed with meticulous attention to meet the requirements and preferences of your project. Remember that construction hoists are one of the keys to building smarter, safer, and more efficiently in your next construction projects.

If you want to know more about this equipment, feel free to contact our team at Multico today.

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