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4 Benefits of Using a Vibrating Screen

What are the benefits of using a vibrating screen?

  1. Lower Operational Costs 
  2. Improved Material Quality
  3. Efficient Screening
  4. Less Maintenance

There are many forms of industrial screen equipment. Each kind is responsible for separating different materials in order to get the products needed for the project. One of these is the vibrating screen. 

Across the country, mining and crushing sites understand the benefits of using a vibrating screen. The machine’s design makes it one of the most efficient and productive forms of equipment for operators to use. 

Continue reading to learn more about a vibrating screen and its many benefits. 

What is a vibrating screen? 

A vibrating screen is a large tool that is used to separate elements from each other. These include solids, liquids, and even powders. The machines can be as big as a dump truck and are composed of four or more levels. Each level contains a wire mesh. The layers are stacked on top of each other with enough space for the material to pass through. 

When turned on by its operator, the machine vibrates to work the material through the different layers of mesh. Each layer is composed of different types of mesh with the topmost layers having the biggest holes. As the material goes down the screens, the holes grow smaller, filtering out the right amount of materials. 

Lower Operational Costs 

A vibrating screen possesses a sturdy yet simple structural design. It operates on a very simple principle by filtering out various sizes of raw materials through vibrations. This results in lower prices when you buy the machine itself. 

Adding to that, a vibrating screen is also able to operate with lower energy consumption. It’s unlike other complex machines that require huge amounts of electricity, saving a lot of money on operational costs. 

When it comes to repairs and replacements, the only thing that will require maintenance and replacement in a vibrating screen is its screen media. This is because the high-frequency vibrations are always transferred onto the screening surface. Compared to other forms of heavy-duty equipment, this saves a lot of money you would potentially use in repairing multiple parts that are easily worn down.

Improved Material Quality

Improved Material Quality

Certain industries benefit from the use of vibrating screens, specifically in aggregate construction and mining. It plays an important role in processing materials. 

To break down materials, a vibrating screen uses the vibrations to break down the surface tension on the screen itself. With this movement, the materials are forced to separate. All undersized or fine materials are able to fall through the screen while the oversized pieces remain on top. 

With this process, it’s much easier to acquire products even with materials that require a significant amount of smaller size separation. In the end, the operators can get more amounts of high-quality products. 

Efficient Screening

Efficient Screening

There are many forms of screening equipment available for operators to use in various projects. However, a vibrating screen still remains one of the most ideal choices. This is the equipment you opt for if the operation needs to be simple but with a high feed flow. 

A vibrating screen works efficiently because of its higher flow rate in separating materials. Other forms of separating equipment require operators to put materials at a slower rate, especially with the kinds of materials separated using a vibrating screen. 

Less Maintenance

When a machine stops working and requires maintenance and repair, it delays operations immediately. This results in a big loss in profit and productivity of the crew. 

Many screens wear down and tear easily, especially when separating materials used in aggregate construction. However, vibrating screens don’t wear down as easily. One of its biggest advantages is that it requires less maintenance resulting in less downtime. This is all thanks to its design. Instead of complex processes, its design simply focuses on bringing vibratory forces to the surface of the screen. 

On top of that, the vibrating screen was made so that its other parts are not as affected by the strong vibrations. Machines are constructed so that the vibrations are absorbed and dampened. It results in fewer moving parts. When fewer parts are affected by vibrations, less damage is afflicted on the machine itself. 

Key Takeaway

Vibrating screens play an important role in mining and construction. It’s through these screens that materials are sorted into fine and large pieces. This is important especially if the rocks are to be processed into a crusher afterward. That’s why there are many benefits of using a vibrating screen. 

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