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5 Benefits Of Paralleling Generator Sets

What are the benefits of paralleling generator sets?

  1. Scalability
  2. Efficiency
  3. Flexibility
  4. Reliability 
  5. Cost-effectiveness

Your choice of generator set will depend on how much power you need on your site. But the reality is that finding a generator that will exactly match your requirements is not always possible. In some cases, you’ll only find types of generators that may exceed or be insufficient compared to your power needs. In these cases, paralleling generators are recommended.

Paralleling generators refer to physically connecting two or more generator sets. The output of these generators is synchronized and connected to a common bus to create a conduit. This way, combined output can be delivered to a site. To better understand the benefits of paralleling generators, keep on reading.


One of the main reasons to have paralleling generators is to deal with an increased power need. For instance, you might already have an existing generator set. But as your business grows or demands change, you might require additional power. In this case, additional generators can easily be added to the parallel system. 

This way, you can add more when your business needs change while minimizing capital expenditures. When your needs decrease, you can detach redundant generators and use them on other sites.



As a general rule of thumb, you can maximize generator efficiency by allowing the load to run closer to 100%. This means that having one large unit that runs lower loads will be inefficient. Instead, having multiple smaller units is more efficient, as you can add up units according to load requirements or switch off units when they’re not needed.

As loads do not remain at the same level for most applications, a paralleled system can handle the variations in load better. Generators can run more efficiently, so you can also maximize fuel costs!


By having generators in parallel, you can be more flexible during maintenance. For example, you can have one generator handle the load while the other one goes offline for maintenance. This way, you can maintain uptime and also reduce the need for rental equipment. 

Other than that, having multiple smaller generators compared to having one large-sized generator also gives you flexibility when it comes to maximizing your space. A single larger generator will have a very large footprint. But compared to this, you can place multiple smaller generators in different areas, so you can be creative and flexible when it comes to maximizing the space.


Another advantage of the parallel operation of multiple generators is that it’s often more reliable compared to only having a single large generator unit. 

By having multiple generators in parallel operation, you can ensure that when one unit fails, you can still have access to power on your site. In this case, the load will be shared by the other units in the parallel system based on priority. This is beneficial for businesses where maintaining power continuity is essential. 



Cost is one of the most important concerns for businesses, which is why purchasing multiple generators might not always seem like the obvious choice. But by paralleling multiple small generators, you can make the most out of your investment.

Units that are used in parallel systems are often made with smaller capacities but high power performance, so these usually cost less than having a single high-capacity generator. Since parallel systems are more efficient, easier to maintain, and also can provide continuous power, you will be able to get more value for your money. 

Key Takeaway

Generator sets are used by data centers, healthcare facilities, construction companies, and many more. Currently, many businesses are already experiencing the benefits of paralleling generator sets. It’s crucial for organizations with varying power needs, value efficiency, need flexibility, and have mission-critical loads. Because they can provide all these advantages, parallel systems are more cost-effective.

Setting up a paralleling generator system can be complicated, so it’s best done by professionals. If you’re interested in purchasing generator sets for your business, you can contact us here at Multico. We have been supplying high-quality generator sets in the Philippines and other industrial machinery for years. We can help you find something that will match your power needs. If you’re interested in a consultation, kindly send us a message here.

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