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Benefits of Crushers in Quarries & Mines in Davao

What are the benefits of crushers in quarries and mines in Davao?

  1. Mobile Crushers break down large rocks for the plant to be able to process and extract the minerals.
  2. Mobile Crushers are with crawler tracks for mobility to other work areas in the mine site
  3. Mobile Crushers are also compact and don’t take up so much space, leaving the mine or quarry site with extra area for the stockpile
  4. Mobile Crushers are self-contained machines with features, capabilities, and production advantages that these machines can bring into the mine and quarry business
  5. Mobile Crushers are also transportable should they be needed to be deployed to other mine or quarry sites

Known for its rich geological resources, Davao City has plentiful deposits of minerals and rocks. That’s why it’s the home of several mining and quarrying operations in the Philippines. Their abundance of minerals and rocks has been the city’s key driver of growth and development, particularly in the construction and manufacturing industries. That’s why using crushers has become increasingly important.

In this blog post, we’ll discover the benefits of crushers in quarries and mines in Davao City. Read on to learn more.

Mobile Crushers Break Down Large Rocks for the Plant to Be Able to Process and Extract the Minerals

Mobile Crushers are heavy-duty machines that are used in quarries and mines to break down large rocks and stones into smaller pieces. How? Well here is how:

First, they use mechanical force to apply some pressure to the rocks until they’re broken down into more manageable sizes. These crushed materials can be used for various purposes, including building roads, constructing buildings, or creating concrete. This can’t be done by other types of machines because of the size of many rocks.

As a result, these minerals and rocks add strength and durability, making them suitable for industries that focus on establishing buildings for commercial or residential use and building roads for accessible transportation.

Mobile Crushers are with Crawler Tracks for Mobility to Other Work Areas in the Mine Site

Mobile Crushers are with Crawler Tracks for Mobility to Other Work Areas in the Mine Site

These types of crushers are designed with crawler tracks to enhance their mobility. These tracks are also known as track belts and can usually be seen on excavators, bulldozers, and mobile crushers. They consist of a series of linked metal plates that are joined together to form a continuous track loop.

Since they are made of high-strength steel, the tracks can withstand the weight of the mobile crusher and the rough terrain it operates on. This allows them to move from one work area to another within a mine site as compared to stationary crushers, which provides greater flexibility and efficiency in the crushing process.

This is beneficial, especially if you want to access new sources of material within the area without the need for additional equipment. As a result, it increases your project’s speed of productivity that’s profitable for your mining operations.

Mobile Crushers are Also Compact and Don’t Take Up So Much Space, Leaving the Mine or Quarry Site with Extra Area for the Stockpile

Compared to heavy-duty stone crushers, mobile crushers feature a more compact design. This allows operators to use them in areas in mining or quarrying site with limited space. This is an advantage in both industries, where space can be a precious commodity.

For large-sized sites, the mobile crusher’s compact size allows you to have more space for other construction jobs including stockpiling. This is particularly important for these large sites since they’ll need space to store other materials. As a result, this increases your operation’s productivity by allowing other materials on the site to be accommodated.

Mobile Crushers are Self-Contained Machines with Features, Capabilities, and Production Advantages that These Machines Can Bring into the Mine and Quarry Business

Mobile crushers are self-contained machines that are fully functional without the need for external power sources. They are equipped with their power sources, such as a diesel-electric engine that helps reduce environmental footprint and energy consumption.

In addition to their self-contained design, mobile crushers have features and capabilities that make them highly efficient and productive crushing equipment. Let’s take the Rubble Master 70GO! 2.0 as an example. This mobile crusher carried by Muiltico is best to be used for jobs inside the city because of its quiet and low emissions. Apart from that, it has the following features:

  • Closed material circuit
  • Adaptable crushing box
  • Rubble Master Active Grid
  • Enviro Coer
    Ground-based services

For example, they have automation and control systems that allow operators to monitor and adjust the crushing process in real time, which helps to optimize your production. Because of this, they’re often used in mining and quarrying operations.

Mobile Crushers are also Transportable Should They Be Needed to Be Deployed to Other Mine or Quarry Sites

Mobile Crushers are also Transportable Should They Be Needed to Be Deployed to Other Mine or Quarry Sites
Finally, mobile crushers are widely used in Davao due to their portability. Compared to heavy-duty crushers, these prove to be useful since they can be used in both urban and rural areas.

On top of that, mobile crushers are easy to disassemble, can be loaded onto trucks or trailers, and transport to the next site where they can be reassembled and put into operation. And, if you’re wondering if these crushers can withstand the wear and tear caused by transportation, they absolutely can!

All of this makes them useful, especially when a mining or quarrying company in Davao has multiple sites and needs to move the equipment between their operations.

Key Takeaway

In this blog post, we enumerated and explained the different benefits of using crushers in quarries and mines in Davao. There’s no denying that these machines offer plenty of uses that various industries can take advantage of.

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