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5 Benefits of Buying Heavy Equipment in Cebu

What are the benefits of buying heavy equipment?

  1. Speed up manual labor
  2. Conduct high-quality construction work
  3. Minimize worksite hazards
  4. Cost-effective solutions
  5. Meet project deadlines


Cebu City has long been considered as one of the fastest-developing economies in the country. In fact, there was a surge of construction work in the Central region which led to the NEDA regional officer to tout its construction industry as a top performer in 2018. Contractors and builders have had to find and make use of the best heavy equipment in Cebu in order to make this feat possible.

The region has successfully flattened its COVID-19 curve. With this in mind, there’s no doubt that a slew of construction activities will begin to slowly take place not long after. Supported by a provider of construction equipment in Cebu like Multico, many types of civil, structural, and engineering projects will soon be completed in the most efficient manner. Here’s why.


Speed up manual labor

Construction equipment is designed to not only speed up but also reduce the need for manual labor. With the right kind of equipment operator, these machines can easily make manual construction work more bearable and less time-consuming.

Tools that are not machine-operated may not be as efficient as their counterparts. In excavation work, for example, it’s important that a dedicated machine such as an excavator be used. These machines are capable of scooping up large mounds of dirt or other kinds of aggregates.

More than that, excavators are also used to break ground in construction sites for building trenches, and other structures. They can also be attached with components for pile driving, landscape grading, mining, and other functions.


Conduct high-quality construction work

Cost-effective solutions

Aside from eliminating the need for manual labor, the appropriate heavy equipment can produce high-quality construction work. Road rollers, for example, are used in flattening asphalt and bituminous road works to make the surface smoother and consistent. These machines can be classified according to the type of wheel component attached: (i.e. sheepsfoot, pneumatic, single-drum, or double-drum).

If you’re looking for a high-quality road roller, check out Weycor Compaction Rollers from Multico. It’s specially-built for high-performance road compaction and other kinds of heavy-duty operations.


Minimize worksite hazards

Alongside complete personal protective equipment, construction site machines help in minimizing hazards that may occur from time to time. Some common accidents that may occur include: collapsed trusses, soil erosion, or hand-arm vibration.

Prolonged use of low-quality machines can make these occurrences more frequent, so it’s important that workers and other site personnel make use of sustainable, yet high-performing equipment.

For warehouse operations, there is a lot of work dedicated to loading and unloading of different sizes of pallets. Low-end forklifts may not only reduce the efficiency of operations but may also endanger other warehouse personnel.

You need to make sure that you’re using only durable and high-quality CLARK Forklifts. Apart from warehouse spaces, these forklifts are capable of handling a wide range of loads for both indoor and outdoor material movement. They have built-in safety features to improve the machine handler’s mobility and visibility, especially when moving around different locations within the site.


Cost-effective solutions

Conduct high-quality construction work

The right type of heavy equipment supplier can provide you with cost-effective solutions on their machines. Multico prides itself on providing customers with only the latest equipment at a reasonable price range. By providing you with only the best equipment standards, you can make sure that you won’t blow out on your construction work budgets.

Multico offers a wide selection of quality and cost-efficient equipment. Each forklift, crawler, crushing equipment, road roller, and generator set features all the latest features from top manufacturers like Rubble Master, Sinomach, CLARK, Weycor, and more.


Meet project deadlines

With durable and reliable equipment on-site, it’s also much easier for construction personnel to meet project deadlines. After a work request has been issued, processed, and all other logistics concerns have already been met, construction work can already begin.

The right equipment can increase the productivity of the workers. They don’t have to spend so much time trying to manually transport and handle materials. Instead, they can divert all their attention towards the core operations.

For example, forklifts make the job of lifting heavy objects and putting them into place easier. Similarly, the presence of mobile crushers can help workers depend less on manual methods of aggregate separation and crushing.

By helping all stakeholders, contractors, and site managers meet the deadlines, finishing touches can now be done on the project before it can finally be used for its intended purpose.


Key Takeaway

Cebu City in the Visayas region is steadily making a name for itself as the country’s construction development hub. Of course, none of these projects would be possible without the right machines, tools, and construction equipment on hand.

If you’re looking for heavy equipment in Cebu, there’s no better machine specialist to get it done for you other than Multico. Click here to get in touch and learn more about our other services.

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