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Why the Atlas Weycor Road Roller Drum is Unique?

Road rollers are known to be simple yet powerful machines. Compared to other construction equipment, these are relatively easier to maintain, replace, and inspect. Because of this, many companies with good maintenance practices have lengthened the typical lifespan of their road rollers to sometimes exceeding 10 years.

Keep in mind, however, that as with any heavy equipment, the longer you store and use it, the costlier its repairs and other kinds of services become. This is why you should always opt for the best and most durable option.

The drums are the core of the roller. Whether it’s a vibratory roller or any other version of the machine, the drum should be part of your priorities for inspections. Aside from physical inspections, you should regularly check the oil levels to make sure that they’re not running low. Low oil levels can lead to your bearings going out—resulting in more downtime.

The great thing here is that if you’re able to maintain it to a certain level, then you’ll definitely reap rewards in the form of significant cost reductions on your business.


What is a road roller drum?

What is a road roller drum?

The drum is the tool of the machine. The Atlas Weycor vibration system consists of an exciter shaft with a rigid welded, off-center weight.

In addition, there is a metallic housing containing a flexible mass which is brought into an off-center position by means of centrifugal force.

The flexible mass consists of steel balls (roller bearings)- inserted with graphite for dry lubrication. Depending on the rotational speed, different centrifugal forces can be attained. The entire kinetic force is composed of the vibrating mass of the drum and its rigidly attached components. Thus, the compaction capacity of the machine is established.

Instead of interior bearings, which are used by other manufacturers, Atlas Weycor Road Rollers are equipped with easily accessible exterior bearings. The system is installed is a closed, oil-tight pipe, which supports the exterior disks of the drum. This is important since it prevents the exterior disks from “juddering.”

The system is closed, making it almost MAINTENANCE-FREE. The exterior bearings of the system are lubricated by a generous oil supply. The reason why we offer 4000 hours warranty to the eccentric axle of the drum.

The Atlas Weycor system does not require any hard-to-reach interior bearings seated in closed housings, which accounts for markedly higher robustness.


Difference with other brands.

Difference with other brands

Many machines manufactured by our competitors generate vibration by means of two eccentric exciter shafts which are connected to each other by a flex-coupling. Both exciter shafts are seated in a cast housing. There are four “small” vibratory bearings which are lubricated by the oil kept in the housing.

The interior bearings are sealed by rotary shaft seals which serve to retain the oil in the housing. The unit is powered by a hydraulic motor. The flex-coupling transfers the starting torque to the opposite vibrator. In each housing, there is a flexible weight which moves, depending on the sense of rotation, and stoppers serve to hold it in a default position. Wear and tear often affects the areas of the rotary shaft seals, the flex-coupling and the stoppers for the flexible weight. In addition, a substantial amount of heat is generated.

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