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A Look into the Different Applications of the E-Crane

What are different applications of the E-Crane?

  1. Barge Unloading
  2. Ship Unloading
  3. Scrap Catering
  4. Maritime Applications


When it comes to heavy equipment in the Philippines, E-Cranes can handle various materials on a large scale. The E-Crane balances like no other and offers continuous support to ensure proper operation. The performance the E-crane provides can lower the energy consumption during operation. Its unique quiet operation comes from its low power consumption. With this power, you can increase your production rate exponentially.

Its mechanical design makes it a great low-maintenance investment. The ergonomic properties of the operation can secure that your operators are safe. They can do their job effectively with several special features. The E-Crane always makes sure to deliver the latest generation of communication and data collection software. The crane data analytics tool gives you updated crane performance data and gives a real-time report. Why not choose the best equipment to get the best results today?

Now that you have basic knowledge of how exceptional an E-Crane is, what are the different applications that it can be used for? Take a look at the most notable capabilities of the balanced, robust, and compact E-Crane.


Barge Unloading

The E-Crane can make your barge unloading operations very easy. It can unload and clean up your barge with ease, no hiccups, just the power of its incredible balance. It also features a quick change mechanism so that you can easily switch grabs for various commodities. The E-Crane quick change system will definitely help and speed up your operations. It’s long outreach and down reach can allow being compatible with any type of barge design. Barge unloading has never been more seamless with the E-Crane. Take advantage of the capabilities that the E-Crane can give you and make your operations streamlined and easy.

  • Easy unloading and barge cleaning without assistance
  • E-Crane quick change system for different commodities
  • Compatible with different barge designs


Ship Unloading

Ship Unloading

Ship unloading is another heavy operation that requires a lot of space and equipment, Because of the traditional equipment used, operations can be physically heavier for the ship, which can cause a loss of equilibrium and balance. Compared to other offloaders and cranes, the E-Crane is a piece of low-cost and efficient heavy equipment for ship unloading purposes. Dedicated machines may need a lot of space for ship unloading but the E-Crane is compact compared to the dedicated machine infrastructures. You can operate ship-to-ship and ship to the barge with ease.

  • Low-cost per offload ton compared to conventional equipment
  • Takes less space compared to dedicated machines
  • Midstream operations are easy and versatile


Scrap Catering

Scrap loading usually requires different types of equipment in order to have a streamlined operation. What if you can use just one heavy equipment for everything? That’s the E-Crane for you. Scrap loading is quick and easy with an E-Crane. You can unload your rail cars, ships, trucks, and barges. You can cater to your scraps with the easy operation of the E-Crane through shredding, basket filling, and shearing. Another benefit of the E-Crane is the value-added layout design services for your scrap or steel mill applications. Real estate can also reap the benefits of long outreach and lift height for all stockpiling needs.

  • Easily add scraps to shredding, basket filling, and shearing
  • Value-added layout designs for scrap and steel mills
  • Great outreach for stockpiling applications
  • The E-Crane can do all the work of other material handlers in one convenient equipment
  • Can easily handle inbound material by rail, road, or water


Maritime Applications

Maritime Applications

The balance of the E-Crane is perfect for various maritime applications. You can efficiently maintain your dredging operations with the easy controls of the E-Crane. Maritime salvaging is the process of recovering parts of a shipwreck or similar maritime casualties. Maritime salvaging combined with the compact design of the E-Crane will allow you to do more without sacrificing too much space. It also has environmental applications such as reclamations and preservation. The enhanced visibility of the E-Crane allows you to see everything and can let you do more with just one machine.

  • The simple design can be added to any port or infrastructure
  • Stable and can minimize barge size requirements
  • High energy efficiency compared to traditional barge equipment
  • A precise operation for above and below water conditions


Key Takeaway

Heavy equipment in the Philippines can now do more. The E-Crane is one of the latest innovations that hit the market and you too can make it work to your advantage. If you’re looking for a cost-efficient yet effective equipment for your needs, the E-Crane can function in a wide range of applications. Thanks to advanced technology, your equipment can bring more value to your money. Precise operation combined with new technology can stabilize your daily work. With the simple design of the E-Crane, your operators can do more and do it safely. Choose an E-Crane and get started on your easiest crane operations.

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