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Amazing Attributes of the Clark LPG and Diesel Forklifts

What are the amazing attributes of the Clark LPG and Diesel forklifts?

  1. Heavy-duty
  2. Ergonomic
  3. Low-maintenance
  4. Customizable



Out of all available industrial equipment in the Philippines, the forklift is possibly the most important one across all industries. Many business owners deem it a necessity and purchase one for their own operation. They use it in every single way possible including but not limited to moving materials indoor or outdoor, transporting people, and as training tools for new drivers and mechanics.

Because of its importance, heavy equipment manufacturers continue to release more models of forklifts year after year in hopes of toppling their competition. They equip these forklifts with special features that their rivals can’t offer and improve their technology in the best possible way. There are thousands of forklift models available in the market at any current time and they are categorized according to what kind of energy they run on – LPG, diesel or electric.

Since there’re so many types and models to choose from, business owners often find it hard to choose the best out of all them. Manufacturers create these forklifts differently and so they also offer different benefits and carry different attributes. We may not have an encyclopedic knowledge about what the others are capable of but we’ve listed the many amazing attributes of the Clark LPG and diesel forklifts below!




Forklifts are mainly used to transport materials and people from one place to another. On average, a forklift should be able to carry anywhere between 1500 to 3000 kilograms of weight. Clark forklifts function way above average and, depending on the type and model, can safely handle 1500 to 8000 kilograms of weight.

Such numbers would effectively stress and cause wear to other forklifts but they are no big deal to the Clark LPG and diesel forklifts. What makes this possible are the parts used to make the equipment. Most come with high-performance engines, robust fork carriages, and adjustable load rollers. These are top-quality components that make them stable, reliable, and capable of heavy-duty applications.





Clark didn’t just focus all their efforts on improving the performance of their forklifts, the company also paid attention to driver conditions – a thing that most manufacturers seem to forget. Human operators are objectively more important than the actual equipment for they cannot function with them, so it is crucial that their needs be met.

Counterweights are made more compact and are hidden away to grant operators maximum visibility when reversing. Vibrations and shocks during operation are also reduced because the driving compartment sits on buffers thus leading to more comfortable driving. On top of this, they have an ergonomically structured workstation that has a large low-level foot step to ensure easy and safe entry and exit.

Most of these operators work under rough conditions that they have no other choice to endure but Clark aims to change that through their state-of-the-art equipment. Every forklift they put out is ergonomic and easy to operate. Because of these qualities, drivers can focus on doing their job and increasing their productivity.




Maintenance always comes with owning any piece of equipment and it is crucial to lengthening its service life. Although necessary, there are times when this process disrupts work operations and makes the business suffer. Often, this happens when units are under maintenance and unavailable for use, leaving operators with no equipment to use and do their job.

When it comes to forklifts, brakes are a huge problem and take on a huge amount of damage, making them one of the most common reasons for maintenance. Clark has countered this by equipping their forklifts with maintenance-free wet disc breaks that are enclosed and oil-cooled for smooth and low-noise operation.

The installation of these disc brakes has reduced the lower force required to operate to 50%. This translates to less stress and damage and is made apparent by the fact that these forklift units experience less downtime and need little to no maintenance.





It is a well-known fact that forklifts are extremely versatile pieces of equipment that can take on a lot of tasks and jobs. The level of versatility that a forklift possesses is thanks to its detachable and replaceable attachment. You can easily change its purpose and capabilities by switching out this part with another – a simple and easy task that any operator and mechanic can do on-site.

Clark forklifts are more than just versatile; they are also heavily customizable. Aside from being able to replace attachments, buyers also have the option of customizing the cabs or cabin of each unit. They can adjust the number of doors the forklift has, the materials used to create the roof, whether it’s a three- or four-wheel drive, and more.

Put it simply, buyers can easily order a forklift that best matches their desired application.



Key Takeaway

Choosing a forklift in the Philippines can be a difficult task because of the variety of types, models, and units available. However, if you want the best diesel or LPG forklift for your business, then Clark forklifts are definitely your best bet!

Clark LPG and diesel forklifts have amazing attributes that can’t be found anywhere else. They are heavy-duty, ergonomic, low-maintenance, and customizable. These forklifts aim to satisfy both business owners and operators by allowing them to complete tasks with absolute efficiency and comfort!

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