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Akuo Energy Solution: Clean, Mobile, Scalable Energy

What is Akuo Energy Solution?

  1. Independent Power Producer
  2. Innovation By Nature
  3. Energy Solutions By Nature


Renewable energy is one of the fastest-growing markets of today. Every company and industry is finding ways to incorporate renewable energy as a means to increase cost-effectiveness and to contribute to the better health of the environment. With technology constantly evolving, it may be a challenge to find the right energy solution for you. Inspired by nature and innovated by nature, a promising energy strategy to solve this need is ready for you. Akuo Energy Solution is your clean, mobile, and scalable energy solution.


Independent Power Producer

Independent Power Producer

Akuo Energy is a Paris-based independent power producer. It currently has 1395 MW in operation and construction. Alongside this feat, there is strategic financing being developed to ensure all clients can enjoy the clean energy produced by Akuo. Unlike other energy production solutions, Akuo prides itself on diversity by providing different renewable energy options. Akuo utilizes wind, solar, biomass, and hydro energy for the cleanest experience ever. The energy you get from Akuo is like no other as it comes straight from the source without third party involvement.

Akuo has over 15 offices in different countries with 340 dedicated employees to assist in developing, building, and operating your clean energy solution. The company continues to grow geographically through different technological diversities and this is your chance to work with their amazing clean energy philosophy.


Innovation By Nature

The renewable energy market is rapid and fast-growing. Everyone is competing to get into the top spot. With Akuo, you will be working with the finest professionals and the latest technology to bring cutting-edge, clean scalable energy into your hands. Akuo Energy Solutions is an Akuo energy subsidiary that’s dedicated to providing a tailored and innovative experience with renewable energy.

You can have the latest tech such as mobile power modules and storage plants that utilize the latest solar-powered structures and tiles. Perhaps you need hybrid energy for your isolated sites. If you need tailor-made energy procurement, energy construction, and financing options, Akuo has many choices for you.


Energy Solutions By Nature

Energy Solutions By Nature

Akuo Energy Solution is heavily inspired by what nature provides. There are different solutions for you to choose from to allow you to have a diverse set of options depending on your size and preference. Here are some of the solutions Akuo offers:


GEM: Green Energy In Motion

You can have mobile energy that’s clean and efficient at all times. With Akuo Energy Solution, Solar GEM is a 74 kWp mobile solar power generation unit that utilizes the power of the sun to provide lean, sustainable energy in a mobile solution. Combined with Storage GEM, you can store and have a cache of power with high mobility. The problem with a lot of solar power units is that you need a lot of land area to utilize both the storage and panels properly. This can be a significant investment and can take a toll on the environment. Green Energy In Motion is the ultimate solution to this problem without making any sacrifices.



For the most advanced modular floating solar solution, Akuo Energy manufactures and exclusively distributes the most advanced Hydrelio floating solar solution. Experience the benefits of solar power energy on the water with Hydrelio. You get to enjoy the most advanced solutions such as a lower land impact, low production costs, and effective temperature control. Planting these panels in your desired reservoir or body of water can provide your community with clean and lasting energy.


Solar Tiles

Are you looking for something modern and compact? Akuo Energy also has photovoltaic tiles that you can install on top of your buildings. These tiles allow you to take your modern building and drive it to the future by converting roofs into renewable energy generation sources. Instead of relying on conventional, you can enjoy vast CO2 emission cuts by using Akuo Energy Solar Tiles as an alternative energy source for your building.


Energy Management System

Lastly, every energy solution needs an effective energy management system. EMS from Akuo Energy Solution is an energy management system that allows you to control your grids using Energy and Smart-grid management. This system is designed to be a plug and play solution to help you manage different configurations for your chosen hybrid energy system.


Key Takeaway

Renewable energy is much more important now than ever as our environment continues to change. It’s up to us to make the right choices and use an effective energy solution that provides clean and sustainable energy without further damaging the environment. To find such a solution, you may need to jump into a ton of research but why settle for less when you can get the best from Akuo Energy Solution. You can get more out of a system directly inspired by nature and Akuo has some of the best for you. Energy doesn’t have to be complicated, it can be innovative with Akuo.

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