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6 Advantages of the Rubble Master Crusher

What are the advantages of the Rubble Master crusher?

  1. It’s exceptionally powerful
  2. It’s mobile and compact
  3. It’s user-friendly
  4. It’s flexible and with a wide range of use
  5. It’s cost-effective
  6. It’s economical and environmentally-friendly


Construction works are everywhere in the Philippines, where forklift trucks and other equipment can often be seen lined up on the side of the roads, diligently laboring away, as an endless throng of cars stream past. Aside from forklifts, crushers and excavators are also often found in Philippine construction and engineering sites. Various companies and organizations have relied on these machineries for a vast array of applications. As with any equipment, they help render particular tasks infinitely easier for humans—and one of them, as mentioned earlier, is the crusher.

In particular, this post will be examining the Rubble Master crusher. That is, what is it about this particular crusher that makes it stand out from the rest?

Looking for a crusher that can efficiently help you with your construction needs? Then, you’ve come at the right place.

Listed below are some of the advantages of a Rubble Master crusher.

Exceptionally Powerful

Exceptionally Powerful

The steel and material used to create the Rubble Master crusher hails from Linz, Austria (where the Rubble Master brand is originally based), and the composition of the steel here is unparalleled to the steel produced in other countries. The material’s unique structure, coupled with stellar European technology, renders the Rubble Master crushers to be exceptionally powerful.

After all, a crusher needs to be able to crush basalt (among other natural stones), and basalt is one of the hardest rocks there is, which means that a crusher really, really needs to be powerful for it to crush basalt successfully.

With the Rubble Master, you don’t have to worry about mediocre performance. You’re guaranteed to see results that really deliver.


Mobile and Compact

Gone are the days when crushers were stationary and comprised a massive portion of the site. These old-fashioned versions were literally crusher plants because of the significant amount of space that they eat up in job sites.

And because they’re fixed, you, of course, can’t move them around. So, when you’re done with a particular project and when you need to move on to another place, you can’t lug your crusher with you because it is, as the name suggests, stationary. Not very practical and economical, isn’t it?

With the Rubble Master crusher, it’s like you’re working with a forklift from the Philippines, or perhaps an excavator, because of how mobile it is. That is, you can easily move it around the job site—or somewhere else!



Who says that using sophisticated equipment has to be complicated? With the Rubble Master crusher’s accessibility, you’ll be operating it smoothly in a jiffy. That is, after a brief training session, you can instantly put your crusher into action and get various jobs done.

More than that, some of the crushers can also be controlled by just a single person, which will help you curb off costs (as well as time and effort) in manpower.

Flexible and with a Wide Range of Use

Flexible and with a Wide Range of Use

If you think that a crusher can only be utilized in construction and engineering works, then you’re in for a surprise.

The Rubble Master crusher is extremely flexible, and it can be used in myriads of applications.

Its most common application is for recyclinghre. The Rubble Master crusher can be used to recycle concrete, asphalt, glass, and other demolition waste. Imagine the money you’ll be saving—you won’t have to buy new construction materials all the time!



Remember the traditional crushers? These crushing plants were normally composed of four machines—four machines just to crush stones and boulders, imagine that.

On the contrary, the Rubble Master crusher only utilizes the first two machines. These two machines are simply paired with a screen, and then they will be able to do the job as flawlessly as an old-fashioned crusher would do.


Economical and Environment-Friendly

The Rubble Master crusher is highly innovative, and its diesel-electric drive is economical, and it dramatically cuts your fuel cost by 30%.

This crusher also fosters a safe working environment for its operators and the people living and working in close proximity with the job site. For one, it has a top-notch dust suppression system which keeps noise and dust emissions at bay, at a level that’s safe and acceptable to the community in which the site is nestled.


Key Takeaway

Construction and industrial works are never-ending these days, especially in the Philippines, where you’ll often find forklift and other machineries scattered on the side of the vast roads. That is, even those who don’t work in this field are probably already familiar with how these equipment look like, especially since they usually catch a glimpse of it on highways or in highly-urbanized areas.

Aside from the aforementioned equipment, crushers and excavators can also be seen in Philippine sites. These two—along with all the others—have made the lives of humans tremendously easier, allowing them to accomplish things they would never have done or to get things done a lot more swiftly.

Among these, there’s the crusher. In particular, there’s the Rubble Master crusher. It has tons of advantages that make it immensely vital in construction and engineering projects, among others.

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