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Advantages of a Mobile Screener for Quarrying and Recycling

What are the advantages of a mobile screener?

  1. Easy to transport
  2. Good ease of use
  3. Minimizes material handling
  4. High-performance machine
  5. Durable
  6. Versatile


When choosing a mobile screener for quarrying and recycling, it’s important that you have the right equipment at hand. These machines are important in the functions of producing aggregates for construction materials like concrete and mortar. Unlike stationary equipment, all-in-one mobile screeners and crushers are much more convenient to use due to their mobility and versatile functions.

Construction sites have been relying on this type of machine for screening operations, cement-mixing, quarrying, and a range of other operations. Heavy equipment such as these are also useful in reducing the level of manual labor that would otherwise be needed in order to perform these tasks. Continue reading to learn more


Easy to transport

As the name suggests, mobile screeners are far easier to transport compared to their static counterpart. Provided that the machines are handled by a well-trained operator, mobile screeners and crushers can seamlessly be moved around a construction site without disturbing other operations.

Despite their size, mobile screeners can be driven on different soil types — whether the ground is highly-textured due to large masses of rocks, or whether it is made of soil. Mobile crushers don’t have difficulty in climbing up mounds of construction site ground material due to the durable tracks which offer a good level of traction between the ground and the machine. This contributes to a safer and more productive worksite.


Good ease of use

Good ease of use

Mobile screening machines can easily work well with other types of construction equipment such as excavators and tractors due to their good ease of use. Although there needs to be the presence of an equipment operator to ensure that the machine is well-functioning during the screening process, this can still be done on a periodic basis.

Each equipment comes with an operator’s manual and a simple user interface and control panel that comprehensively specifies its proper uses. They can simply be configured and powered on-site with minimal quality assurance to ensure that all components are working well.


Minimizes material handling

A mobile screener does the job of manually-separating different aggregates before they’re mixed with other materials. As said before, this minimizes the need to perform on-site material handling that may take a lot more time without using a mobile screener.

For example, in transporting materials into the mobile screener’s feeder, many types of heavy equipment attachments can get the job done. This reduces the need for using multiple low-end utility transport carts or wheelbarrows that will need to be maneuvered by a site worker. Contractors also won’t need to assign manual labor in separating materials using a screening, or sieving machine that may be cumbersome and difficult to transport across the site.


High-performance machine

High-performance machine

Crushing, recycling, and recovering usable construction waste are intensive jobs that require the use of high-performance equipment like the mobile screener. Due to the different types of materials that need to be processed, such as natural stone, gravel, sand, ballast, recycled concrete, a dedicated and reliable equipment should be used.

Mobile screeners are built for this job due to their high-power performance and capacity. They can perform a range of functions at any given time, which helps construction sites become more organized. For example, they can crush materials while simultaneously sifting them and carefully piling them up in organized mounds. Each machine can comprise multiple types of meshes that can separate different sizes of aggregates before they’re transferred to a constantly-moving conveyor belt for further processing.



Despite the many versatile functions present in a mobile screener, they are durable and are built to last, no matter the extent of the quarrying, crushing, recycling work. These machines are rigged with high-quality attachments, as well as tracks, and other impact crushing units that can withstand different materials.

Every component is designed and engineered to work properly with the other systems in place. Construction site managers don’t have to worry about broken parts, provided the machine is being operated within its limits. For example, the screening and crushing equipment are oftentimes manufactured using high-grade steel. This alloy has a high strength and hardenability rating, meaning that little-to-no deformations will take place on the component while it’s in use.




The trouble with using low-end screening equipment is that they may not necessarily be the best for construction work. They might only be capable of processing only a few kinds of materials. This presents a problem, especially if you want to be more efficient in your construction site processes.

As such, mobile screeners provide a solution for these. They are highly versatile machines that can accommodate virtually any kind of material that may need to be crushed or recycled. In particular, mobile screeners can be used as part of the pre-stages before asphalt, or cement processing.

Asphalt and cement are two of the most common mixtures that are used for building work. Their raw materials include a wide array of aggregates like gravel, sand, stones, slag, limestone, shale, iron ores, and more. All of these can be crushed into fine particles — or as needed — with a mobile crusher and screener without the need for other post-processing components.


Key Takeaway

A mobile screener for quarrying and recycling might just be what your construction site needs in order to improve its operations. These high-performance machines are versatile, easy-to-use, and durable, among others. They reduce the need for time-consuming material handling and can contribute to an overall productive construction site.

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