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The Advantages of Clark’s Eco-Friendly Electric Forklifts

What are the advantages of using Clark’s Eco-friendly electric forklifts?

  1. Cleaner emissions
  2. Lower cost of ownership
  3. Easy refueling
  4. Safer Work Environment


Nowadays, it’s very important to always consider the environment, especially when it comes to construction or material handling projects. In the Philippines, forklifts all around are primarily of the gas or diesel models—they’re more powerful but produce more emissions. With each and every day passing by, it becomes clearer that these should be regulated in order to prevent fossil fuels from running out and to prevent the environment from suffering even more.

For the lighter material handling tasks, Clark has released an industry game changer. Their electric forklifts feature a wide array of environmentally friendly changes which will not only make it safer for environmental use, but also for the people that are working around it.

The new S-series forklifts are fully equipped with standard functionalities such as speed limiting, digital weight gauges, interactive LCD dashboards, wet disc brakes, a vertical mast system, and automatic parking brakes.

But what truly sets the Clark S-series forklifts apart is the industry leading tier 4 FORD LPG engine that drastically keeps your emissions down.

With that being said, it becomes immediately apparent that using Clark’s electric forklifts have very appealing and environmentally-sound attributes. But if that’s not enough for you, here some other advantages you’ll experience by using the forklift:


Cleaner Emissions

Clark electric forklifts boast an eco-friendly internal combustion engine that has very low emissions. This leads to much cleaner exhaust that will lessen the effects it has on the environment. Not only that, but it will also make the work environment safer for the health of workers. The less harmful emissions it lets out, the safer the workers, and the cleaner it is. This makes for an overall better work environment.

An added bonus to this eco-friendly technology is that it reduces the costs of cleaning certain aspects of the forklift and reduces the general liability that comes with it.


Lower Cost of Ownership

Lower Cost of Ownership

Much of the cost that comes with forklifts are relatively high, but that doesn’t mean you always have to choose the models that are expensive all the way. Compare the diesel and gas models of forklifts that Clark offers. It’s estimated that over a 5-year period, these models will cost an additional 35% more for ownership when compared to an electric model; for diesel models, it would cost an additional 20%.

This simply entails that electric models are a lot more inexpensive in the long run because of a few distinct factors: First off, electric forklifts in the Philippines don’t require complex maintenance. In fact, maintenance and repairs are usually simple for these eco-friendly electric models. Clark electric forklifts also require fewer maintenance checks over the years because of its somewhat self-sustaining engine. And lastly, the main internal combustion engine requires fewer parts when compared to its diesel and gas model counterparts.

All in all, a simpler engine that has fewer, more durable, and cleaner parts make for a solid investment in the long run.


Easy Refueling

As with every other electronic forklift, there’s no longer a need for an on-site fuel storage unit for refueling. This ultimately reduces liability and eliminates the time needed to refill oil into the machine. As a side note, electric forklifts are incredibly energy efficient. Their built-in battery is able to store enough energy for a whole day’s worth of tasks.

When it comes to recharging the forklift, it’s as simple as plugging it into a power-sufficient socket. Just make sure to keep it plugged in for a set duration of time so that it’ll have more than enough power for the next day.


Safer Work Environment

Safer Work Environment

With the electric forklift having reduced vibration and noise as compared to IC forklifts, they make the environment a lot safer, both for the operator and the workers all around. Most of the time, the loud engines of fuel-powered forklifts can be uncomfortable to everyone around, especially in extended operation. Similarly, quieter forklifts like the ones in the S-series reduces noise distractions in the working site, improving site safety by a significant amount.


Key Takeaway

With a rich history of strong, reliable, and innovative machines, CLARK has always been above its industry, continually producing better and better models of forklifts as time passes on. The S-Series is one of their many efforts in turning the material handling industry amazingly eco-friendlier.

In all honesty, it’s difficult to go green when the work that is required to be done is very intense—however against that notion, the S-series forklifts still provide the most effective and efficient efforts for mechanical material handling to become as eco-friendly as possible.

CLARK’s electric forklifts boast a lengthy resume of features that focus on the environment, handling great workloads, and the safety of the operator and the people all around. These advantages are more than enough to truly set it apart from its competitors.

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