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5 Advantages of the Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck

What are the advantages of the Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck?

  1. Greater capacity
  2. Made of high tensile strength steel
  3. Better comfort
  4. Painted with eco-friendly materials
  5. Fully-hydraulic system


Many industries have benefited from using hand pallet jacks or pallet trucks. They make the job of transferring and carrying loads from one place to another much easier, without the need to use heavy equipment. If you’re looking for a high-powered pallet jack that can help you improve efficiency for your warehouse, office, factory, or even small retail center, you may want to check out the Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck and its advantages.

Unlike other equipment, Bishamon’s Hand Pallet Truck is capable of supporting two times the heavy static load capacity of other brands. More than just that, this pallet truck is also manufactured with the highest grade steel for better strength and aesthetic value. It’s the most comfortable pallet truck in the market that features a fully-hydraulic system and better comfort for the operator. Read on to learn more.


Greater Capacity

Say, for example, you’re managing a warehouse. There are tons of equipment that are used day in and out by your employees. In carrying pallets, they may use a forklift that has several attachments. But what about other small equipment that doesn’t require large machinery to transport from one area to another?

This is where the ever-durable Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck comes into place. While it may not be larger than a forklift, it has a rated heavy static load that’s more than twice the other pallet trucks that you’ll find. Typical heavy static loads may range from 2,000 kgs to over 2,300 kgs, but this specialized pallet truck is built for industrial use for higher capacity — i.e. pallets, utility boxes, bins, air conditioning units, vending machines, etc.


Made of High Tensile Strength Steel

Made of High Tensile Strength Steel

Two of the Bishamon’s Pallet Truck’s main components — the fork and the body plate — have been manufactured using only the highest grade steel in the market. In particular, it’s made of JFA HA-540 steel that’s commonly found in automotives.

Once again, this high tensile strength steel variety is far more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear and deformations. Most pallet trucks use mild steel plates that have a low carbon content. Although they may be suitable for high-capacity use, the heavy loads will eventually take a toll on the fork and body plates, causing dents.

By using high tensile strength steel, the Bishamon Pallet Truck ensures that you can carry loads for a long period without the worry of damaging the equipment. The rollers will be able to support any weight specified for the machine, due to the toughness of the steel material.


Better Comfort

Another common equipment used to carry different loads is the foldable hand truck. While they may be affordable than other designs, they don’t really have ergonomic parts. Prolonged usage may cause strain in equipment handlers, especially for long-distance and heavy load transport. Fortunately, the Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck not only improves efficiency and speeds up processes — but also sports an ergonomic design for the handler.

The grip handle is made using rigid and high-grade plastic that comes in a molded design. The operator can safely lug the pallet truck in short distances without experiencing any discomfort. The handle has also been designed to prevent accidents from sudden hand slippage and provide the user with an excellent grip on the equipment.


Painted with Eco-Friendly Materials

Painted with Eco-Friendly Materials

The Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck comes in a standard blue color without using any lead-based paint. This is an eco-friendly choice if your operations are seeking to lower your carbon footprint, reduce emissions, and make better choices for the environment.

Non-lead paint also has a number of benefits. For one, they emit a low volume of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). They don’t produce odors and harmful substances that can enter the human respiratory system. You can guarantee that this pallet truck is safe for use, even in cleanroom manufacturing areas, food & beverage facilities, or highly-controlled environments.


Fully-Hydraulic System

Part of the handle component of the Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck is a nifty and compact 3-Position Control Lever where the user can conveniently control the fully-hydraulic system. The equipment can be raised when carrying loads, lowered when organizing the load into place, or simply be set at neutral when not in use.

There’s no need to make any adjustments to the fork, load rollers, pushrod, tow bar, or any other component in the pallet truck. It has already been engineered to simplify the process for the user. Anyone in your facility can easily be trained to use the machine without any need for complex and time-consuming training periods.

With the ease of use also comes improved safety — this pallet truck can help you eliminate all instances of workplace accidents and damaged items in your facility.


Key Takeaway

The Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck has these advantages: it can support a larger capacity compared to other varieties, it’s fully hydraulic, improves comfort, and it’s primarily made of high tensile strength steel. Whatever facility you have, using this pallet can definitely help in reducing manual labor among your employees and speed up your operations without sacrificing quality.

Make the best choice for your business now with Multico’s Bishamon Hand Pallet Truck! For more inquiries about the product, you may click here. We’re more than happy to attend to all your concerns.

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