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A Guide to the Different Applications of the Xelectrix Power Box

What are the different applications of the Xelectrix power box?

  1. Off-grid consumption of energy
  2. Local energy communities
  3. Renewable energy production
  4. E-Mobility

The Xelectrix Power Box is one of the newest energy storage systems on the market. It has many new and innovative features that make it a good choice over its counterparts, but are you familiar with how it is specifically used in different industries around the world?

ThePower Box and its applicationscan be extensive, but here are some of the most common ones you can find that utilize all the features that make the Power Box truly great.

Off-grid consumption of energy

The term ‘off-grid’ refers to the characteristic of buildings and individuals that have little to no reliance on public utilities. The grid refers to the electric grid and not being part of it would mean not receiving electricity the traditional way (i.e. through transmission lines, substations, etc.). However, it is important to note that going off-grid doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the wonders of electricity.

Diesel generators are used to provide power to off-grid consumers, but there are still some inefficiencies with that kind of setup. Many applications tend to run diesel generators in inefficient load curves or have high start-up peaks. This ends up consuming more diesel. This is where the Xelectrix Power Box comes into the picture because when you use it in tandem with your generator, many of the inefficiencies are corrected. Using the Power Box’s peak shaving feature, the load peaks and troughs are stabilized. This leads to savings in both diesel consumption and maintenance. Reducing fuel consumption is also beneficial for the environment because there will be less emissions.

Another unique feature that the Power Box has is the Parallel Platform Technology. This allows a diesel generator to work in parallel with the Power Box — without the latter limiting or bottlenecking the capacity of the former. Higher generator load peaks are also easier to manage with a Power Box thanks to the Peak Power Boost function.

Local energy communities

The development of energy communities is a growing trend in the world today. Its main purpose is to bring in local communities to cooperate in the generation, consumption, distribution, storage, and equitable supply of energy from renewable sources. The Xelectrix Power Box helps in these endeavors because it is the ideal storage solution for multiple households that produce their own electricity via solar and/or wind energy. By having a shared storage system, consumption of the self-generated energy is streamlined and optimized. On top of that, using a Power Box would reduce the risks posed to the community by power failures and electrical grid disruptions.

Renewable energy production

Further corroborating the Power Box’s utility in energy-related matters is its usefulness in the production of renewable energy. Since most forms of renewable energy are reliant on the weather, maximizing their potential is somewhat of an issue. For example, photovoltaic or solar energy only works during the day, but that is also the same time where the least amount of lights is used. Wind farms are reliant on strong winds to generate energy. Whatever the case may be, having an energy storage system like the Xelectrix Power Box will optimize and manage the energy that is generated. Put simply, you get to control how you use your power.

Solar and wind farms also benefit from the Power Box in more ways because not only can it determine the most profitable feed-in time, but it is also not limited by usual technical network constraints.


Going into more modern applications of the Power Box, it is also used in the e-mobility or electric car industry. The Power Box acts as a ‘stress-reliever’ in the charging process of a given electric vehicle. Energy, whether produced from renewable or non-renewable, is stored in an electric storage system and placed in quick-charge stations. This makes the construction of such infrastructure more accessible, convenient, and cost-effective.

Power Boxes can also be placed in car parks, gas stations or next to apartment areas. Charging costs are also reduced thanks to the features already mentioned above. An energy storage system such as the Power Box is a technological innovation that aids the e-mobility industry going forward.

Key Takeaway

Now that you know some of the details surrounding the Xelectrix Power Box, you are better prepared to make the right choice — should you be in the market for an electric storage system.

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