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A First Look into The Xelectrix Power Box

What are the features of Xelectrix’s Power Box?

  1. Plug and play energy storage
  2. Unparalleled safety
  3. Modular and expandable
  4. Unique bi-directional hybrid inverter
  5. Active battery management system

When it comes to important tools and industrial machines that help power society, one of the most important things to manage is electricity. The electricity grid is what helps keep the supply and demand for energy in check. However, with the increasing scarcity of natural resources, energy storage is becoming more and more important in the operation of power systems. It is for this exact reason why the Xelectrix power box was invented.

As far as energy storage systems are concerned, the Xelectrix power box functions like most — it stores electricity when supply exceeds the demand and can discharge said electricity when the demand is greater than the supply. Nevertheless, there are innovative and convenient features that make the Xelectrix power box stand out from the pack and you would do well to know them.

If you are looking for something that can help you and your respective energy needs and requirements, continue reading to find out how this groundbreaking power box can be that something.

Plug and play energy storage

One of the many problems that many would-be adaptors of new technology face is proper installation. Given the many intricacies that come with any piece of technology, be it solar panels, network connections, or electrical storage systems, it can be hard to understand how to install them properly into your home or business.

With the Xelectrix power box, you’re going to have a relatively easier time. Thanks to its grid-parallel platform technology, installation is easy. Even without photovoltaic or wind energy supply, you will be able to integrate it into existing electrical infrastructures — an almost plug and play type of design.

Unparalleled safety

When it comes to safety, Xelectrix makes it a point to keep you covered. The dangers that come with power systems include fires that start due to short circuits and overloads.

By using their in-house designed lithium iron phosphate battery cells that have an integrated thermally triggered extinguishing system, safety is assured. Using the power box to its maximum potential is possible and intrinsically danger-free — a new industry standard set by Xelectrix.

Modular and expandable

One thing that makes the Xelectrix power box so great is that it is modular and expandable. What this means is what you’re getting is a comprehensive and dynamic solution to your energy management problems. There are single units available that can store up to 140 kW/h and above, but if you need more power and storage capacity, connecting certain models together is also possible.

Unique bi-directional hybrid inverter

Just like the many other unique features of the power box, its’ unique bi-directional hybrid inverter is also a product of intensive research and ingenuity. In a nutshell, the in-house designed interface allows the power box to charge and discharge using only one inverter while offering other features such as reactive power compensation, peak power boosting, and unbalance load acceptance.

Aside from that, the power box’s efficiency increases drastically because many components that are present in conventional energy storage systems are omitted due to the utility granted by the bi-directional hybrid inverter.

Active battery management system

Thanks to a unique active battery management system (aBMS) developed by Xelectrix, monitoring and control mechanisms that actively ensure maximum battery life span and optimum efficiency are present. Just like many modern batteries and energy storage systems, the battery module of the power box is made up of many individual LiFePO4 (Lithium iron phosphate) cells. The aBMS ensures that these cells are balanced with every other single-cell during the charging and discharging phase.

This not only prolongs the effective lifespan of the device but also ensures the best possible performance.

Key Takeaway

As you’ve read above, the Xelectrix power box is an electrical storage system that is capable of handling most if not all of your energy management concerns from load shifting, backup power, grid stabilization, energy trading, and many more. Thanks to the many technological innovations made by Xelectrix, energy efficiency and sustainability is more achievable than ever.

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